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16th December – The Black Day!

16th December – The Black Day!

By Eman Zameer Rahman:

Urain Ge Os Asmaan Main – Pakistan Will Rise!

With arrival of this day our hearts swells with despair and our eyes bleed with tears of blood. The day which brings back the pain and holes, that can never be filled. Pakistan has been through a lot, but this massacre of little innocent souls was more than any of us could handle.


That day! The day of guns, bullets, shouts, blood and cries surrounding us. Ask the families who lost their children. No? Can’t handle it? Yes, we can only feel the partial pain they suffer and they suffered for what? Sending their children to school?! Who went to school carrying lunch in their bags hugging and kissing their mothers- some deprived of this last love as their children rushed out in a hurry hearing the horn of school bus and just waving quickly at their Mothers, who thought that this would be the last Good Bye! Attack on Army Public School by terrorists was something no one have ever imagined. 149 people were killed of whom 133 were children. No one can imagine the cruelty, the torture up to the extent these terrorists go to.

Listen to Urain Ge , which is a strong spirit raising song by Ali Zafar for us.


That powerful music and fiery lyrics, gives us the lost hope and strength that we lost that day. It remind this nation to stand tall in the middle of this chaos, to survive and to be revived and reborn as a phoenix, back from the ashes. In this endeavor a lot of others joined him, making it the most beautiful chorus ever made in Pakistan. It’s a tribute to those children and families of the martyred in APS, telling them: “You Will Not Be Forgotten”!

‘Toray se bikhray hovai hein, haray nahi hum’- A message to enemies!