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3 Bahadur Sets A New Record at Box Office!

3 Bahadur Sets A New Record at Box Office!

By Hina Anjum: The internationally acclaimed Oscar winner for Pakistan, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, couldn’t resist the urge to expand her horizons. So, here she is in all her glory! After producing a number of award winning documentaries, she has just had her big-screen debut with Pakistan’s first-ever full-length animated motion picture.

Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts, and prepare for an exciting ride! A ride all the way from thriller, action, and comedy packed movies to an animated film.

3 bahadurTwo years ago, the Pakistani industry was taken by storm when a female superhero was born in the country’s first indigenous animated series Burka Avenger. Now, the country has witnessed the entrance of three kids superheroes in the form of the first animated feature film ‘3 Bahadur’, a joint production of SOC Films and ARY Films under the production banner of Waadi Animation.

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Sharmeen’s abiding interest in media, acting as a social corrective, hasn’t been missed even in the animation film where the protagonists — the kids, named Aamna, Saadi and Kamil — send out a clear message to the underprivileged: luck favors the bold. 3 Bahadur is a film about taking charge, standing up and bravery.

Sharmeen Obaid stated that “3 Bahadur is not just a movie. It is a movement. The message we’re sending with this film is that ‘We shall overcome.’ Like these three kids, we can face the challenges that come our way. You don’t need to be a superhero. You are a superhero.”

#3Bahadur is unique not only because it is Pakistan’s first animated film but also because it shows that anyone can be a hero no matter how old they are! It is an exemplary Pakistani story – replete with unlikely heroes, menacing villains, fumbling thugs, dark horses, and moments of triumph and bouts of despair. Packed with action, comedy and heart-rending moments, the film aimed to empower and motivate today’s youth through dynamic 3D animation and an engaging story telling format.

Unfortunately, our kids had been growing up with heroes and mentors coming out from Europe or America that are disassociated with real life around them. 3 Bahadur provided our children with an opportunity to feast their eyes on their own heroes. For the first time, Pakistani children got to see themselves represented in cinema. They were empowered to see themselves as superheroes who can bring about a change just by doing their part in the society.

Not only has Chinoy put together a competent production, she has also been able to make a success of it. The First Animated Feature film of Pakistan has been Breaking Records at the box office and still is going strong.

Sharmeen is all praise for Burka Avenger, she thinks it should be capitalized upon to expand the industry and produce more original animated content. “We have created animated content for many years, but the industry is overwhelmed with product driven content, in which the focus is on selling rather than story telling. We need to move away from this model, and put the narrative first and Burka Avenger has paved the way in this regard,” she states.

Musician, Haroon who heads the animation company Unicorn Black, which has produced the TV show Burka Avenger, said that as a person belonging from the same industry it was heartening for him to see that such content was being made in the country and was hopeful more people would follow suit.

“Sharmeen Obaid with her Waadi Animation team has made an incredibly entertaining, high quality animated movie and everyone should go watch it. ARY, also, did an amazing job in promoting this animated film. It was wonderful to see kids and their parents have a day out together at the Cinema to watch 3 Bahadur.”

From animation to sound quality every ingredient of “3 Bahadur” is top-notch. We have 3 Bahadur’s catchy and addictive songs, sung by acclaimed musician Shiraz Uppal, to tide us over.Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Shiraz Uppal (2)

Another plus point about 3 Bahadur is the deliverance in proper conversational Urdu, which uplifts the importance of Urdu language in our children.

Being the first Pakistani animated feature film, 3 Bahadur had to prove its mettle. The effort of introducing a Pakistani animated film should be applauded and cherished.  It wasn’t perfect, but then for one and a half hour one can easily put criticism aside and enjoy heroism for what it’s worth. “3 Bahadur” is a kind of presentation every Pakistani must be proud of.

3 Bahadur took three years in the making. And, just when you think the film has ended, it hasn’t really ended. After success of 3 Bahadur at box office the filmmakers intend to release a sequel by December 2016.

And if the animation industry in Pakistan can sustain the interest being created currently, Sharmeen feels it can achieve exponential growth over the next five years. She is also keen to collaborate with India, if given a chance.

official 3There’s more to come from Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy. So, make sure you don’t forget to visit Taazi.com.