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7 Stages you go through, in Ramazan!

7 Stages you go through, in Ramazan!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid:

1. Waking up for Sehri, when all you want to do is sleep.

2)- Is sehri over?

NO. Because you think you can still hear Azaan from FAAAAAAAR off mosques. So *sips*

3)- Fajar… parhun?

Yes, because Jahanum.


4)- Only if we could get whole month off, from office. 

Because you think you’re already doing a lot by fasting.

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5) – Watching your younger sibling eat.

‘Aik Main He Janati Hun’ feels.


Can’t eat no more stage.

7)- Again ready to fast next morning.

Because you know it was all worth it. <3