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9 struggles you go through while attending a live concert!

9 struggles you go through while attending a live concert!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid:

You’ll find these struggles totally relate-able, if you’re a person who never say no to concerts.


1. Being mentally prepared to stand in long queues.

Yes because 7836748 people would be there and no one cares about your feelings.

2. Front row struggles.

Of course you need a clear view of the singer because ‘Tasveer ke baghair awaz’ is not what we came for.

You’ll get the front row, only if you’re too lucky otherwise no matter how early you arrive, you won’t find a place to stand that satisfies you.

3. Hoping not to stand behind tall people.

No matter how heighted you’re, no matter if you’re being called khamba by your family since childhood, there will always be a taller person you’ll find standing right in front of you.

4. Missing a friend that should have been there with you.

Sigh! ‘Kahan ho tum chalay aoo’ feels.

Sometimes they’re more excited than you but backs out at the end because yeah, *hashtag ditchers*.

5. Wondering when those underground bands will get off the stage.

You definitely did not come to see them but they will stay on the stage just like those guests who unexpectedly visits you and never leave.

They know you’re clearly uninterested but they’ll still sing for hours.

6. When you realize; your throat will explode if you sing one more song. 

You scream, sing and go crazy because this is what you came for, so why not!

7. Wishing to meet the singer backstage.

Finding a contact in the organizing team because picture ke baghair ghar jana would be a gunnah.

8. Hating all those people making videos the whole time.

When everyone around you is holding a camera and you’re irritated, though you yourself have made sixty seven hundred videos already.

9. The struggle to seek your favorite singer’s attention, so that he just looks at you.

At the end we know that this mere struggle would become a big part of delightful memory and we’re willing to go through it again and again!