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Musical Tributes to The Little Angels!

Musical Tributes to The Little Angels!

By Sarah Ilyas Ehtasham16 December 2014, left countless marks in the hearts and souls of the parents who lost their loved ones, more than 150 young students lost their lives in the horrible attack at Army Public School Peshawar.

Ispr Song
In the memory of those young martyrs, singers and music bands decided to dedicate songs to their families and loved ones.
ISPR released a track on Monday to welcome the APS students back to school after holidays. The track comprises of a beautiful composition, spot on lyrics and excellent video. The most appealing part of this track is the voice of a young kid who is singing the track with great compassion and determination.

The well-known philanthropist and singer, Shehzad Roy, who is also famous for spreading political and social awareness through his songs, also released a song for Peshawar victims. The track “Zindagi yaad kerti hai” in memory of Peshawar victims is the revamped version of his old song “Zindagi Aas Ban Jae”.

shehzad roy
The young director and famous lead actor of the movie Waar and drama serial Pyaare Afzal , Hamza Ali Abbasi informed his fans through a social media site that he plans to make a movie on 16th December incident.

After releasing their song in Mira Nair’s movie “The reluctant Fundamentalist” across the borders and working for the first Pakistani animated television series “Burqa Avengers”, the famous rock band Overload also released a song “Bolo Na” for Peshawar and Tharparkar victims.

Overload bolo na
“Maa kis ko jhulao gi jhoola” is the revamped version of the famous song “Maa mujko jhulao na jhoola” by Rahim shah for the Peshawar victims. This song has not been released yet.Talha Anjum the vocalist of band “Young stunners” also dedicated a track “Naraz na Hona” , this song gives a child’s perspective who is telling his mother that do not get upset if I won’t be able to return home.

The well-known singer Bilal Saeed also sang a song “Maa” and dedicated it to Peshawar victims. Sahir Ali Bagga paid tribute to the little victims through his soulful song “Mera Dil Toota” , Hamza Malik sang “Meeri Maa”and connected with the audience through his soulful lyrics , Moroo who has done many projects with Ali Gul Pir also gave honor to the young victims of Peshawar attack with his song “Choti Choti batein”, Asad Hasnain gave a strong message through his song “Pocho Na” which he dedicated to the Peshawar attack victims.“Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua” by Allama Iqbal from his Famous poem “Bachay ki dua” is beautifully sung by Nomi Siddiqui for the little angels who lost their lives in Peshawar Attack.