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A Ride Into The Future With NOORI

A Ride Into The Future With NOORI

By Hina Anjum: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the world where your cries won’t go unheard! The Noori World has finally decided to respond to the cries of their fans, who had been hoping to hear something new from them.

Where hundreds of thousands of new songs had been hitting the airwaves, no one could dare to fill the void left by Ali Noor and Ali Hamza. The fans had been waiting for a decade to feast their ears on the music from the Noori World. And, at last, their long wait is over.

nooriThe band had been out of the picture, and we even couldn’t realize that there’s something interesting being brewed! Now, we get to see what the band was REALLY up to!

A teaser captioned: A Ride into The Future, recently uploaded on Official Noori Worlds’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, created the hype and excitement among all fans.

The fifty-second teaser that opened with a hypnotic question asked by Ali Noor, left million fans mesmerized.

“Do you have any idea of what we have been up to?”

After watching the teaser, many questions popped out of Fans, but one big question every Noori Fan came up after watching it, was most interestingly vis-à-vis a glimpse of Ayesha Omar’s item number from her upcoming movie ‘Karachi Se Lahore’. The teaser also included slices that appear to be from the upcoming song, #‎AikThaBadshah, directed by Mandana Zaidi. And one can easily imagine that this is going to be most hyped and interesting song, one worth using your bandwidth on.

Director: Mandana Zaidi
Director of Photography: Dani Sanchez Lopez
Assistant Director: Aleena Ghman
Costume Director: Hashim Ali

Basically, this teaser has given a sneak preview of all the projects this band has been working on. And fans, you simply have been hooked by escalating tension created through this teaser. The band is milking this moment; making the most of the suspense. And they won’t let the suspense to evaporate, just like that.

Listen to Noori’s greatest hits here=>http://taazi.com/noori

So, just a little patience is all you need. Or you can find the answers, if you look closer. Because answer to every question is embedded within this teaser. But I’ll rather suggest: do not trouble yourself much. Allow yourself to fall in love with the suspense Noori World has been developing for you throughout this whole journey. And don’t be a spoiler!

The teaser’s end got us all on our feet, when Ali Noor said, “Get ready”.

noori bandAs far as what’s in the future pipe-line? It can be an album! One of those ‘upcoming album’ we have been hearing about since don’t know when. A video or two before that! But let’s keep that for later, for now Let’s Just Celebrate!

This band is getting set for one hell of a rock ‘n’ roll ride with funkier grooves and a remarkable spirit. And this is just the beginning, some great stuff is going to be coming up on Noori World – so make sure you keep coming back to Taazi.com to stay up to date.