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Adnan Sami – Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Adnan Sami – Killing Two Birds With One Stone

By Isbah Khalid: We have seen Adnan Sami go across the border in search of a greater purpose, a glorious destiny that awaited him in the music industry. We have seen him make incredible music, lend his voice to films and have seen him make great progress and outshine himself. But that was his aura, he was comfortable and in control and this time he is stepping over the boundary doing something that would be the first for him; Adnan Sami is going to sing a Qawwali for the first time in his career, not only that he will also make an appearance in the film during that scene in Salman Khan’s latest film Bajrangi Bhaijaan. A Qawwali sung by Adnan Sami and his appearance in the film? You have got my attention for sure!

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Salman Khan appears to be a huge Adnan Sami fan, we saw his tweet with the hastag #BharDoJholiMeri announcing Adnan Sami’s this career first and making sure it gets the attention it deserves. This is what Adnan Sami had to say in an interview with Times of India, “Salman called and said, ‘Bro, there is this particular song and it’s a qawwali and I’d really love you to sing it, I loved the challenge as I have never sung a qawwali before. And then he said, ‘I’d like to have it picturised on you too.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ For Salman anything.” Anything for Salman? Love does seem to be strong here and the respect has its hold on either souls, this will surely be a class!

Keeping in touch with his roots, customs and traditions this is what Sami had to add, “I am a typical Pathan, Pyaar se mangoge, jaan haazir hai aur agar dosti ki hai toh nibhayenge. I have never appeared in a song that I have sung in a film before, even though there have been so many songs that I have sung and it’s a pretty common request to ask a singer to appear in it, but I have never done it. But when Salman asked me to do it, I cannot say no.”

Bhardo Jholi Meri is not only Salman khan’s favourite song in the film, it is as we have learned based on Sabri Brothers’ original qawwali and that inspiration we are guessing would have been enough to turn this qawwali into a masterpiece.

Not only has the great Khan focused his energies on the vocals he has also made sure that the location of this particular qawwali is as impeccable as the qawwali itself and guess what, it might actually be a tie between the location and the vocals as this has been shot inside one of the most famous shrines of Kashmir: Aishmuqam Dargah. This would be the first time a film crew would step inside this shrine to shoot this epic qawwali.

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Moving on to the epic qawwali itself, the video was launched yesterday and boy O boy are we glad we didn’t have to wait long. It kicks off with those strong, powerful vocals of Sami and he slowly eases into the original art of singing qawwali. A first time for him to be singing a qawwali but he hits home with it. Shot in the beautiful valley of Kashmir, we see Salman Khan make an appearance and I will have to back his call of making Adnan Sami be a part of the song because it all just gives a perfect touch to this melodious tune. Sitting amidst the devotees, Sami charms them all with his voice and those powerful lyrics. This qawwali will definitely be on repeat this coming week. Go check it out!