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Aithay Rakh – Abrar Ul Haq’s triumphant return to Pakistani music

Aithay Rakh – Abrar Ul Haq’s triumphant return to Pakistani music

By Shershah Ahmed: There is hype for a new album, and then there is hype for a new album by the legendary Abrar Ul Haq. Born in Narowal, Punjab, Abrar Ul Haq is widely considered by many to be one of the leading pop and bhangra acts in the country. It may not be a stretch to claim that almost every person in Pakistan will have heard at least one of his songs in passing. Winner of multiple Lux Style Awards for Best Singer and winner of Best Pop Singer for six consecutive years on PTV Awards is no small feat.

Aithay Rakh by Abrar ul Haq

His acclaim is rightfully earned however, with a score of hit singles and multiple albums over the course of his extensive years active, with his first album ‘Billo De Ghar’ having sold in huge numbers as well as becoming a best selling album in South Asia at the time of its release in 1995. After taking a hiatus from song writing and singing, Abrar Ul Haq focused his efforts on charity, with his formation of Sahara for Life Trust, a charitable organization which aims to promote health and education in remote and rural areas of Pakistan. He also started his political career with PTI in 2011 as the party’s secretary foreign affairs.

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However the time has finally come for him to make his comeback to the Pakistani music scene and who better than to partner for this endeavor than with Taazi and ARY? His latest album ‘Aithay Rakh’ will be released on the 30th of April 2016, after a gap of nine years from his last album, culminating in a huge launch concert in Bahria Town Lahore, hosted by ARY Digital and the album will be up for download on Taazi.com, so stay tuned for Pakistani bhangra’s royalty to take his rightful throne again!