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Akash – Revival of The Great!

Akash – Revival of The Great!

By Isbah Khalid:Great things never actually disappear, like great music for instance. It might take a few years to come back but it will always come back. This time we have Akash making an entry on our Taazi platform with all the glitter and sparkle. A Lahori by heart and an impeccably accomplished musician Akash made his debut in 2004 with β€œAaj Phir”, followed by another hit β€œJi Liya” which was again greeted warmly by the audience this time ending up at top of the charts and stealing the glory by sitting on the throne for 8 weeks straight!


After releasing his debut album β€œAks” in 2007 with the rock track β€œArman” creating waves everywhere this multi-talented guy moved to London to set up his own music studio where he was busy creating and producing new music and now we have him back! His new song β€œLapata” is a hit! Just like a flower needs to blossom for the world to actually appreciate its beauty, Akash took its time to blossom and in the end we have some beautiful music with extraordinarily fine touches.


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Its soft, with those mellow vocals and excellent music! A treat for all his fans who have been eagerly waiting for his comeback and also for the music lovers in general. He is complete package who knows what he does best; he knows his strengths and he plays each superpower intelligently and the end result is a burst of colours as the musical fireworks explode.

All the contents are complete when it comes to all of Akash’s songs; we have lyrics, vocals and music- all blended in perfectly and being added in just the right proportions. β€œMeri Zindagi Hai Tu”, ”Mein Aur meri Tanhai”, β€œLapata” and β€œJi Liya” are just a few of his tracks that give us a peek inside his musical genius! A feast for the starved and a treat for the searching souls- Akash has something for everyone! Head over to Taazi to check out his marvelous work and show some love!

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