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Alamdar Khan Promising Solidarity: Hum Aik Hain!

Alamdar Khan Promising Solidarity: Hum Aik Hain!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid:  No matter how much engaged everyone is in their daily affairs of life, when the Independence Day is around the corner, our mind gets diverted towards the love for our beloved country. We tend to give ear to the songs raising our morale & remember the heroes who sacrificed their lives for us.

Focusing on this fact, one of the most amazing vocalists ‘Alamdar Khan’ – an English song writer and singer, has launched his patriotic song ‘Hum Aik Hain’, sponsored by TopCity-1. With his energetic vocals, he has always come up with good music and seems to continue this legacy. TopCity-1 – an exclusive housing scheme, also presented pre-launch activity during Alamdar Khan’s interview on PTV.


It’s surely proud to know that this new groovy track is Pakistan’s first ever Electronic Dance Music song. Not to mention the lyrics that hits you hard. The song leaves you with the confidence to face the challenges our country go through every now & then.


The official music video of Hum Aik Hain is featuring Sarmad Ghafoor, a well-known producer, guitarist & a vocalist. Alamdar Khan always tends to give much credence to Sarmad Ghafoor’s talent as he has proved to be one of the finest music composers of Pakistan.

The video of ‘Hum Aik Hain’, showing different places of Pakistan, has been directed by Omar Hassan and its editing has been done by Zahir Ali, while Asrad is responsible for the cinematography. It was shot with the crew of 18 people, who took a trip to all across Pakistan from 31st July till 7th August. They traveled all the way from Karachi to Mubarik village & Multan and from there traveled via coaster to Lahore, kalarkahar, Murree, and lastly to Islamabad.

The video focuses on the oneness of people and Alamdar Khan has given his best to spread the message of peace and harmony by showing different people holding green flags & spreading positive messages with tags in their hands.






Well, that’s not all. He has recently worked in his debut film “Dance Kahani”, which is Pakistan’s first ever dance based film. The film has an incredible story, just like its unique genre.


Alamdar Khan, who is basically famous for his acting, singing, modeling and hosting has been successful in evoking emotions among all Pakistanis. His song is said to be played on all leading music TV channels and FM Radio Stations, every day from 12th Till 15th August. Looks like Pakistani musicians are excessively gaining ground!

As the song says:

 “Is Parcham Ke Talay, Hindu Isayi Musalman,
Mil Ke Dikha Dein Gey, Yeh hai Hamara Pakistan”

So let’s forget the differences & Play Azaadi Playlist all day long. Team Taazi wishes you a blessed independence day!