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Album Review:Sibte Hassan’s Taqdeer is Euphonious & Exhilarating

Album Review:Sibte Hassan’s Taqdeer is Euphonious & Exhilarating

By Isbah Khalid:We have had our fair share of pop music in the past few decades but the amazing thing is that this genre of music might have been saturated by now had it not been for innovation and immensely talented artists who just keep making it better. The upbeat music and the electro touch have definitely added new hues in the ever growing reef of our industry; Sibte Hassan is one such talent.


Sibte Hassan’s album Taqdeer is available on Taazi for streaming and download and before we get into the details and dissect the beautiful tracks one by one let me first highlight the fact that Sibte Hassan is one of those singers who have a mellifluous voice, honeyed at places and mellowed as required, the end result being you cannot be disappointed! The songs are composed beautifully with each song having its own standing and the entire album does not seem monotonous at all.


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There are rich and heavy tracks like “Kuch Na Raha” and “Jane Khuda” and then there’s “Rom Rom” which is smooth, soft and slips inside like liquid just melting the heart with its beautiful tune.  Fusion of east and west is definitely what stands out in this album and we have beautiful, harmonious songs like “Your Desire” and “O Dil Way”. The upbeat tracks are undoubtedly the highlight of the album and Sibte Hassan has a knack for them since his voice fits in perfectly!

The eminently profound track on the album has to be “Gal Meri Paki Aa”. It’s like a summary of the album and a display of this ultra-talent! It will have you swaying and on your feet in no time. A thoroughly enjoyable album with that silvery voice of Hassan tracing beautiful patterns as the songs progress, we have a wonderful spectacle on display as we are draped in the mystical world of music which Sibte Hassan has built thorough his intricately woven musical compositions. Euphonious, lyrical beauty with detonating abilities- that’s Taqdeer for you!

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