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Ali Azmat denies Junoon’s re-union

Ali Azmat denies Junoon’s re-union

By AHMAD UZAIR  |Lately Salman Ahmed of all time-hit band ‘Junoon’ has been in the news quite a lot. Earlier it was the much talked about re-union of vital signs (minus Rohail Hyaat) which he was responsible of, and now recently he created quite a buzz on the social media after tweeting about the possible reunion of one of the biggest and most popular band of south Asia: Junoon, the band that got disbanded almost a decade ago. 9-7-2011_525_l

But salman’s enthusiastic claims were met with some cold response from Ali Azmat who happens to be the lead vocalist of the former band. Earlier both the parties have denied any such reunion claims but this time around salman sounded pretty optimistic about the reunion plans. He tweeted.

“Junoonis, due to your mad love & passion for Junoon, i just spoke with Ali after 10 years to come together with Brian for Peace & Unity.IA!” 11

Uptil recently there was no response from Ali Azmat’s side except for the excerpt from his recent television interview where he said “Never say Never” when asked about the reunion of Junoon.

Just few days back, Salman once again claimed that Ali has invited him to his house but then finally Mr Azmat broke the silence on the topic and came up with a very straight forward answer,” That is false, there is no reality in that statement.”

Ali-AzmatWhen specifically asked about the reunion claims, Ali was once again very clear about his stance saying,

“No, this is wrong news, nothing like that is happening.”

So as of now, it seems that despite some tall claims by Mr.Sal, there is nothing happening as such in this regard any time soon. Ali Azmat who is himself currently very much in the news for his judging role at Pakistan idol is certainly not very interested in collaborating with his former band mates.

In my humble opinion, despite this news causing great excitement among the die-hard fans of Junoon, the band has already seen its peak time and even if the reunion happens that is not going to create any notable impact on the already achieved glory by the band.


Source: ET