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The original “bad boy” of Pakistani rock-Ali Azmat!

The original “bad boy” of Pakistani rock-Ali Azmat!

-BY  MARRIUM HABIB  Pakistan has a flourishing music industry. From pop, rock and now woven rap, Pakistani music has no dearth of talent. Credit can be given to the pioneers of this industry and none more so than Ali Azmat. The original “bad boy” of Pakistani rock, the renowned musician has gained fame at home and abroad as the front man of Pakistan’s iconic Sufi-rock band Junoon.  Ali Azmat was born in Pakistan to a Kashmiri family residing in Lahore. Early in his prolific career, he had the chance to study and travel extensively around the world. Azmat began his career by performing solo and as part of a band in various small and medium road shows and music festivals gaining some recognition. He got a major boost playing with the band Jupiters, which provided a platform for his meteoric rise to fame.


In his late teens that Ali Azmat launched his single “Dosti”, a song which was subsequently chosen to represent the United Nation’s mission of promoting friendship and world peace. The track was an automatic hit with audiences and paved the way for his overnight rise to stardom. In fact, Azmat continues his mission to this day: of bewitching audiences around the world with his passionate and soulful music; today the artist is consistently working on amalgamating South Asian music traditions with modern to reinvent the South Asian music scene.

Azmat’s true fame was recognized through the band “Junoon”, which he formed after quitting Jupiters. Junoon carved its niche in the annals of world music history with their unique brand of “Sufi Rock”. The bands philosophy hinged on presenting the works of the Sufi mystic poets of the Subcontinent to the beats of modern music. The formula proved fruitful; as the front man of Junoon, Ali Azmat delivered such meteoric hits as “Sayonee”. In 2003, after Junoon disbanded, Azmat officially launched his career as a solo artist with the release of the platinum “Social Circus”, featuring hits such as “Na re Na”. This album cemented Azmat’s position as a successful solo artist securing as many as 13 awards within Pakistan. Being under the limelight for a good year, “Social Circus” secured the “Best Music Album” award at the Annual Lux Style Awards in 2006 marking his ultimate success for winning the hearts of his fans as a successful solo artist.


As part of Junoon, Ali Azmat’s fame had already made a tremendous impact across the border. As a solo artist, his presence was still a force to be reckoned with; He was nominated for the Best Sound Track award in India his single ”Garaj Baras” for the OST of “Paap”. It was in late 2008 that Ali Azmat’s second album hit the markets under the well-recognized name of “Klashinfolk”.

Today Ali Azmat is not far from music but actively pursues youth action. The 44-year old rocker lent his face to shows on youth awareness with the political analyst Zaid Hamid. Azmat has also worked extensively on a number of documentaries, striving to improve the image of Pakistan and awaken a sense of logical reasoning amongst the youth; The title include; Islamabad: Rock City, The Rock Star and the Mullahs, Pakistan – Rocking the System, It’s My Country Too: Muslim Americans and Inquilaab – The Story of Junoon.

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