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Ali Khan – That’s how one does a comeback!

Ali Khan – That’s how one does a comeback!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: Being a musician in Pakistan takes some serious struggles to get into the limelight & on top charts nationwide. People take you easy as if you’re an uninvited guest. They even go for skipping your songs just because they found out a new recipe of biyani while scrolling down Facebook or maybe there’s a mom yelling and saying ‘band karo is shoor ko’, when the kid next door just played your song which you created after extreme hard work. And then there are other situations like not getting enough promotions by producer’s end or country’s situations affecting the lives of Pakistani singers, forcing them to give up singing.

Obviously having luck with an extraordinary talent can turn such disappointing predicament, the other way round. ‘Ali Khan’, mostly called out by the name ‘Sathiya Guy’ surely don’t fall in these categories of struggling singers who spend their entire lives chasing success. And the reason behind Ali Khan’s popularity is his first ever love ballet ‘Sathiya’ which was released in 2006. We all know how successful his track was back then.


Even after facing many problems and cancelled contracts, how he again came up with another track ‘Koi Aye Na’ and now we can hear it’s remix in ‘Dance Kahani’– Pakistan’s first dance film, along with his another new groovy track ‘Tu Nach’.

And then, Coke Studio happened.


Nothing could hold back Khan to remind us that he still has that passion for music, which he had 10 years ago. ‘Jane Na Tu’ is the latest proof we’ve of it. It is written & composed by Ali khan and has recently crossed 1.2 Million views on YouTube and over 1.4 Million, on Facebook. With Jaffer Zaidi’s production and Kashan Admani presence as a lead guitar, Khan’s song packed quite a punch. With this track he again proved that he still has that spark of making love songs in his soothing voice that can trump any odds coming to his way.

Khan’s next track is expected to be released in November, which he thinks will be better than all of his previous tracks. If next ones would be better than the previous love ballet’s, imagine what’s coming your way!