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All you need to know about ‘Ali Khan’!

All you need to know about ‘Ali Khan’!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: 21st October it is! And yes, it’s Khan’s Birthday. So let’s see what his Instagram photos tell us about him. These jotted down facts surely are a chance for his die heart fans to know him better!

1. Of course a known fact is that he’s one awesome singer, who has continued to win our hearts since 2006. From ‘Sathiya’ to ‘Jane Na Tu’, we are truly amazed listening to the great music he has been producing till now.


2. He’s proud to be a Pakistani as his caption on the picture says ‘We have our own Eiffel Tower’ *hashtag Lahore*. Well, we’re impressed!


3. He believes that his mother is the most precious thing he has and we find it pretty cute.


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4. He’s a real pluviophile! So yeah girls, it tells that he’s romantic.


5. We can see how much he loves doing experiments with his hair and this one makes him look really cool.


6. He likes taking out time from his busy schedule to get back to the beautiful memories of childhood and we know this because he still hasn’t thrown away his car toys!


7. Khan is a travel buff!


8. Okay, *An aww moment for the girls*. He likes kids as well. Meet his adorable nephew, Abdullah.


At the end we want to Thank Ali Khan, for entertaining us with his flawless voice & we believe that your upcoming track in November will be a big hit . Team Taazi wishes you A very Happy Birthday!