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Amanat Ali’s Sajnaa – Setting The Bar A Little Higher

Amanat Ali’s Sajnaa – Setting The Bar A Little Higher

By Isbah Khalid:Music industry both home and across the border know and recognize the immensely talented Amanat Ali. Ever since his appearance on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Middle East that earned him the first spot in the competition this young lad has been unstoppable. With a truly gifted and remarkable voice he has been able to make his mark everywhere; be it background singing, on stage performances or releasing his own songs- this guy has mastered the art of singing and diffusing emotions through his voice.

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His latest song “Sajnaa” is no exception and is truly a legendary addition to his already vast collection of successful music. Reminding us of good old days when music was born in its pure form and songs had depth and a certain pull that tugged at our heart’s strings, this song is set to strike a new high for Ali. A tribute to the legendary Master Abdullah and Madam Noor Jehan “Sajnaa” is beauty personified in all aspects: music, vocals and picturization.


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A sad and solemn Amanat Ali can be seen working tirelessly on his beautiful Puppet doll impersonating his love whose longing still has a hold on his heart. Weighed down by the air of melancholy surrounding him his state of desolation aggravates as he trips over and his entire work comes down as the surroundings are set on fire. A story of love and loss with a touch of sweetness that doesn’t go away even when the person does- “Sajnaa” is a beautiful display and amalgamation of it all. Amanat Ali has outdone himself again and this song has no doubt landed in safe hands. If the video doesn’t break your heart than Ali’s voice definitely will- there’s love, regret and a depth there that translates the lovely lyrics into full blown out emotions and that is what sets this guy apart- the ability to literally induce those feels in a song.

Beautiful music, great melody, powerful vocals and a heart touching video-“Sajnaa” is your dose of pure love! Indulge in the sweetness as the song takes you on a journey of fulfillment, regret and loss and tugs at your heart till you too are immersed in the pain. A beautiful, beautiful song!

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