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Annie is back! And this time it’s With a bang!

Annie is back! And this time it’s With a bang!

.By AHMAD UZAIR | Annie Khalid, the pop princess who has been missing from the pop scene of the country for almost a year now is brimming with confidence as she is all set to stage a comeback in the music industry. 10171063_860459540634050_7029687592185377988_n

Annie who shot to fame with her single ‘Mahiya’ is now taking a bit different route as she hope to release a very bold number titled ‘Tharki Sala’ that will hit the airwaves very soon. As evident from the name, this is expected to create quite a buzz online and offline. She says,

photo by Rizwan Baig

photo by Rizwan Baig

“I had kind of lost what had made me so unique, so I want to go back to being Annie Khalid, which means different music, different songs, different lyrics and videos; so that’s what’s planned right now,”

Annie Khalid disappeared from the music scene after a very problematic marriage that only lasted for a very short period. She says that it was difficult to cope up with the tough times

“I was going through the frustration of a divorce, which turned into a bit of media circus.”

As of now she is back in Pakistan and getting all ready to restart her innings that would include releasing singles and touring all across the country. Annie also confesses about her little proficiency in Urdu but gives credits to her team for her successful career. “. I have such an amazing team here in Pakistan because I am not well-versed in Urdu, so we work on it together.”


BTS of Annie’s upcoming video

We wish Annie Khalid the very best of luck for her future career and hope that this time around she has a smooth ride in her musical career and continues to churn out some pleasant tunes.

Source: ET