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Another Feather in Mahira’s Cap

Another Feather in Mahira’s Cap

By Isbah Khalid: The dazzling, charming, mesmerizing Mahira Khan has surely a huge fan following. Be it the film industry or the drama industry, she has spread her magic everywhere and nobody is left unaffected. A recent interview gave us an inside look at this beauty’s mind as she talked about her experience in both the industries and what she found different in both. Let’s take a look at the recent revelations from this Goddess of our Drama Industry.

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It is nothing shocking that she came into the drama industry and had everyone worshiping her in no time. She was beautiful that’s obvious and by adding in some serious acting skills, you have a queen! Starting her career from “Bol” she moved on to drama and now again she has stepped back into the film world. She didn’t think the two industries were that different until recently after doing Asim’s film, she says she realised that films are different from drama in that they are larger than life. Her film Bin Roye by Momina Duraid is all set to enthrall us all.

Her transition from Drama to Film is finally registering; she says Film isn’t a never-ending story but she doesn’t find the transition that difficult because hey at the end of the day it is acting and that is what counts. Spot on Mahira! She has invested two years of life in Bin Roye, and all you people out there if you don’t go and see, it will break her heart and we don’t want that, do we? Ho Mann Jahaan is yet another film we have surely got our eyes on and she seems as passionate about it as Bin Roye.

Talking about her character Saba she said that she is everything; she is complicated, passionate, and obsessive and is basically a cool girl. She got questioned in the middle when she was acting a bit too strictly and the director had to step in asking her what she was doing, it was then that she realized she was still in Drama mode and had to step out of it and transform. Well, we will have to wait and see if she has managed to achieve that.

She confessed that she was nervous stepping into Bollywood, she went in like a sponge that had to absorb everything. It was a different experience for her because hello they are different! But she says she has learned a lot from it. In her words, the people were very kind and the crew was amazing there because they were her support system, bucking her up standing in the corner and she found that wonderful because that is exactly what she thought she would miss outside home and she found it there so it helped her settle in.

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Well, let’s get to that Shahrukh Khan talk now. Mahira had great stuff to say about him, and duh who wouldn’t! She said, “I actually learned a lot from him”. Why did she say that? Well, when she came back to shoot for Ho Mann Jahaan, the director felt a change in her and complimented that she has actually shed a layer and she has grown as an actor. Whoa! Shahrukh Khan is truly magical! She had nothing but praise for Bollywood, she said that they push you to be something else and that is how she peeled off that shell. She definitely picked up great stuff from there and she is going back again by the sound of it, as she said she would go back this time with a little less cloud in her head. Raees is what we have got our eyes on right now but until then let’s enjoy the home productions which are in no way lesser than it. Mahira Khan do us proud!