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Zardari & Nawaz edge out Trump to win coveted International Award

Zardari & Nawaz edge out Trump to win coveted International Award

Capping an extraordinary year, Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif have been jointly awarded the prestigious “Lie of the Year” Award by the International Organization for True Democracy, narrowly edging out American President Donald Trump for the title. The Award was given for the following whoppers:

  • Asif Zardari: “Corruption to mujhe choo ke bhi nahi guzri”
  • Nawaz Sharif: “Humne aik rupay tak ki corruption nahi ki

Rough translation: “I have never done a penny’s corruption in my life”

According to jury members, it had been almost a foregone conclusion that Donald Trump would win the award this year and it was only a question of which of his lies should be given the top prize. From denying himself to be a racist, or claiming that he has kept all his promises or that people respect him, there was a long list of lies to choose each of which would have easily won in any year. However, even these paled in comparison to the blatant fibs told by Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari and the jury had no choice but to declare them joint winners for the year.

The nominations also included Maryam Nawaz’s “Meri London mein to kya Pakistan mein bhi koi property nahi hai” and was initially thought to be early favorite.

Speaking at the Award ceremony, Asif Zardari stated that the Award showed his commitment to democracy in the country and they would not let anyone derail democracy in the country by sentencing corrupt politicians.  He vowed to continue his fight for democracy and said the day will soon come when people will call him Mr 99% instead of Mr 10%. Nawaz Sharif also added that it was the biggest joke of the century that people think that they only take a 10% kickback.

PML leader Ahsan Iqbal took to Twitter to congratulate the winners but admitted that it was a shame that people think that Zardari is the most corrupt man in the country when it was PMLN who were the true godfathers of corruption. “Zardari has simply replicated the model that we had been following since PMLN was formed” added Mr Ahsan Iqbal.

American President Donald Trump also took to Twitter to congratulate the two winners:

“Congratulations to the two winners. I will seek to emulate their achievement and look forward to finally winning the award next year. Don’t let the fake media fool you. This is real news”