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Atif Aslam – A Hit Producing Factory!

Atif Aslam – A Hit Producing Factory!

By Isbah Khalid: The year 2004 saw the dawn of an artist who would not only in the coming years prove his mettle but also make sure that we keep coming back to him for more. Atif Aslam rose to stardom with his song “Aadat” which became one of the greatest songs in Pakistan of all time and after splitting from Jal, the band he was initially a part of, he went solo and released his first album Jalpari that left everybody awestruck.atif aslam

Song after song everybody just kept falling in love with him. Songs like “Bheegi Raatein”, “Wo Lamhey”, “Ankhon se” were enough to show that he was a very promising talent. We were still not over these songs when he released two more albums “Doorie” and “Meri Kahani” which again delivered hits after hits. Just within the next three years this brilliant hit producing factory gave us two dozen chartbuster songs and that too with Bollywood! The crowd could be seen shouting his lyrics back at him in unison even before he started singing the song. That is how brilliant this guy is!

He has probably been the only Pakistani singer who has enjoyed that much fame and appreciation across the border. His song “Pehli Nazar Mein” for the movie Race earned him a Filmfare nominee but that was just the beginning for this massive talent.  “Piya O Re Piya” “Be Intehaan”  “Jeena Jeena” and many others have been like his flag at the top of that mountain marking his victory and accomplishments.








As if Bollywood couldn’t sate and contain this beautiful voice he ventured out into Hollywood too;  three of his songs featured in an American independent film Man Push Cart, not only that he sang two songs for The Reluctant Fundamentalist as well.

After gathering praise all over he came back to make an appearance in the Pakistani Blockbuster Bol, not only did he act in the film we also saw him lend his voice and give us the superhit song “Hona Tha Pyaar”. This man is never out of steam, every time he holds that mic you can expect magic to explode from it and he just somehow manages to deliver a tad bit over the expectations of everyone.

With a fan following in millions, this star was declared the most popular artist on Saavn, even ahead of the mighty Arijit Singh and A.R Rehman. He is also the youngest recipient of the civilian decoration Tamgha-e-Imtiaz. Probably recognized as a master of that famous belting technique which is quite a feat for any singer he has over time perfected this art. That passaggio he has practiced to perfection and he knows very well how to harness that voice; control the ups and downs and how to perfectly pour emotions into every word that he sings. It’s like listening to a magician of rhyme and rhythm.

Listen & Download ‘Tajdar-e-Haram’ by Atif Aslam

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If you have a talent you must also know how to exploit it, control it and make it better over time and nobody has done it better in recent times than Atif Aslam. His hit rendition of “Jal Pari” in Coke Studio where he beautifully amalgamated NFAK’s hit along with his own was just what was needed to show how accomplished this singer is. Transitioning from a modern musical compilation into an old classical beauty is just what Aslam is good at and he proved that in this song. This time it was time to pay tribute to the magnificent Sabri Brothers. In the Coke Studio’s recent season Atif Aslam opened the season with a brilliant performance on “Tajdare Haram”. Known as one of the best sung qawwali by the Sabri Brothers nobody had the guts to take up the challenge of singing it again or at least trying to bring it into “today’s” style. Enter Atif Aslam, just give him some beats and he will nail it! Risky though it was since nothing could come close to the original but Aslam has been proving everybody wrong and surprising us with every performance. “Tajdare Haram” is yet another trophy he should be proud of!