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Ayaan – An Ordinarily Extraordinary Story

Ayaan – An Ordinarily Extraordinary Story

By Isbah Khalid: We are brought to Mian Channun; home to some of the most decent soul in our country- not a flashy, up beat place but definitely one that has the richness of life. People going about their usual business; an old man sipping his tea, a kid making that famous “rait wali challi”, beggars assembling, labourers going about their work and a Pakistani flag waving its threads somewhere above all these actions, we are brought to experience life as it is around us even before the song breaks into the beats.

Listen to #Ayaan by Tazzz Ft Priti Menon


Priti Menon’s beautiful voice egging us on to make something of ourselves was the perfect way to start the song off. Tazzz moves in with his killer rap, walking around town with that special little soul. Ayaan is an absolute collection of everything; from life experiences, stories, lessons, to advice, guidance and passion. It is not just the story of one soul but rather has a collective touch to it and that is what makes this so relatable and moving because at one or another we have been down and ugly and we have all found ourselves fighting against our side, our ego, and our pride.

“You could be whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt nobody in return”- This first line probably is the essence of the entire song. As long as we have the “Emman” alive in our hearts we can never go wrong! Every line he delivers is absolutely spot on! Tazzz has addressed the basic human nature- we all rush after money, cars and become a slave to our desires and that is our undoing. We lose faith, we let go of our beliefs and ultimately end up in that dark spot.






The song and video are both beautiful! Not only do we get to see the scenic beauty of Mian Channun we also go on a complete spiritual journey as beat after beat, line after line Tazzz hits the right spot and we are jolted back into reality. It’s deep and beautiful and anybody with a pulse would find themselves grabbing a tissue by the end of it. Head over to Taazi.com and listen to this beautiful track and replenish some of that lost Emaan inside your hearts.

“Ayaan” was his ticket to stardom and he deserved every bit of praise he was bestowed with. Recently he was also listed in the Top Ten Rap Artists list on Taazi. As if all that was just a start this guy announced last night that he has been nominated in five categories at the Pakistani Music Awards 2015, the categories being:

Best Song- Ayaan

Best Video- Ayaan

Best Rapper- Tazzz

Best Urban Act- Tazzz

Best producer- Tazzz

Watch the music video of Ayaan


Show some Pakistani love to him and VOTE for this brilliant artist. All details can be found on his official Facebook page and the website www.pakmma.org. We would extend our congratulations and ask Tazzz to get that trophy cabinet ready!