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Being Candid With Jal

Being Candid With Jal

By Hadia Malik: Jal band, the heartthrob of the music scene in Pakistan, making waves everywhere with their latest single by the name of ‘Tere Bajoon’. The music track written, sung and composed by Goher Mumtaz comes out with a video aswell which is shot by One Motion Pictures and directed by Azaan Sami Khan. Talking to Goher Mumtaz after the release, he had some interesting insights for us.jal blog

1): Jal has always enjoyed a wide fan base in India and Pakistan alike. How do you cater to your audience from both the countries?

It’s pretty much the same. Pakistani audience is as good as Indian audience. The only difference is in India, there is a wide range of audience as the strength of Indian universities, and colleges are bigger than Pakistan. 15000 to 20000 fans turnover is normal there, however, I must say that Pakistani crowd at universities are very classy.

2): After Jal band split ways, both Farhan and you took out different routes into the music industry. Did this split in any way affect the core essence of the band?

Let’s not deny the fact that it doesn’t affect the core essence. But the real task is how to deal with the changing situation & the fact is all the bands in the world do suffer from changes. The plus point which really helped JAL was also people use to listen to the songs that I have sung in the band like, Panchi, Dil Haray, Woh Lamhay , Layian Layian, Mahia , Kaash Ye Pal, Tanhai and many more.

Adding the new song Tere Baajon hitting the charts really turned the Table for JAL. And people always know JAL for some quality music with changes in voice. Since I had to take the position of lead vocalist so I really have to work hard for that and that is what making JAL doing really well once again. And I must say that my own fan following is the force who’s driving JAL and thus if you see the history of Pakistani bands, no band survived after changes but we did every time. Why? Because it’s about the passion of music that I have which can reproduced hits like Sajni, Teri Yaad, Tere Baajon & Tanhai.

3): Jal has been performing frequently in many educational institutions. How do you feel playing out there? Will this trend continue?

The best crowd that a band can ever get is from Universities & Colleges. They are the hardcore fans of yours and enjoy the band’s performance. Solo artist couldn’t come with a sound that a band has and that’s what university students want. Educated class love, especially the youngsters of universities, they always come and ask me that how can they make a successful band like JAL. I recently had the great time performing at BNU, Froebel’s, LUMS, Fast and many others and it has always been a great experience to interact with them.

4): Jal came out with a new soundtrack after a long while. How was the response by Jal fans?

It was epic. I was reading in a newspaper somewhere that “just when u again thought that JAL doesn’t exist anymore, these guys released such an inspiring song and a video which seems to be a Film” I felt great to read that interview mentioning that Goher has improved his vocals in Tere Baajon and now seems holding the seat of a lead vocalist. I’m humbled when our newspapers, critics say that because fans love you any ways but when industry, critics praise the new song Tere Baajon, that something really pleasant.goher

5): The video has a very different and artsy edge to it. Would you like to elaborate on the idea behind it?

The idea behind is to get back to the standard of making a good video. Tere Baajon’s video is more of a film rather than a music video. It’s about a dream that I’m watching in the video which is revealed in the end. It has been greatly executed by super talented Azaan Sami Khan who worked on the movie 021 before that on a couple of videos. He is a pro. Tere baajon will surely set standards for rest of the musicians and directors and a wakeup call for all who are just making videos for the sake of it. JAL always tries to think and make something out of the box and has been really lucky to get those directors who have the guts to think same like Amir Malik, Bilal Lashari, Baber Sheikh and Azaan Sami Khan.

6): The lyrics of the new song are very heart touching. What experiences made you compose this song?

I was sitting in studios where I was recording my OST for my new drama serial. It’s Saad Sultan who’s holding the guitar and playing some nice chords and I started singing these lines. “Tere baajon ho gia bura haal dil mengda hi bas thora piyar” and I recorded that on my phone. (half of my compositions are made like that by placing the phone in front to record the raw stuff ) so I heard that later on & decided that this is the song which can make people jump on concerts plus they felt the melody is really catchy. So it works well for JAL as a comeback song.

7): Jal fans have shown a lot of enthusiasm with the newsong. What other projects do you have lined up for your fans?

Currently, we are making another music video of a new song which I think is bigger than Tere Baajon if you keep in mind the listeners and followers of JAL & focusing on the platform where we can revive music industry through our new music videos.

8): Rumor has it that Jal collaborating with artists in Bollywood in upcoming movies. How true is that?

That’s true but too early to say something on that right now. I have been approached by Sonu Nigam, Sikhwender Singh and many others to make songs for them and joint venture but I personally think that it has to be justified with both the artists as one should not do something ordinary just for the sake of joint venture or publicity stunt.

9): We saw your wife be a part of your music video. Will we see Anam as a part of all your upcoming projects?

Well not really. It was a favor by my wife to work in video. Lol as I made her listen to the song Tere Baajon and when I was programming it, she said this is a very catchy tune and I told her that you must work in the video. She agreed later on after listening to the final mix. She is very choosy in the work she does even for others, the execution done by Azaan Sami Khan showing a real life couple added value our careers in a way that it looks to classy in the video to be together a real life couple.goher mumtaz

10): Would you like to say something to your fans who are eager to listen to you and consider you their role model?

I just want to thank them for being with me in every ups & downs of my careers and stick to JAL as glue even after now with new line up. You are my driving force which made me do this come back music video with the new line –up of JAL. One thing they should always remember for them is to have faith and work hard on your dreams. You will achieve whatever you want. It’s all there in your mind, open up and explore your passion to the fullest.

11): You have been chosen as the artist of the month on Taazi.com, what you want to say about that?

It has been very interesting to see you guys moving on and growing. Promoting Pakistani pure music is not easy these days; Taazi is a great platform for all the listeners who want to listen to new hits by the Pakistani bands and Artists. So keep it up and wish all the best.

12): What are your views on Taazi’s initiative of eradicating piracy and promoting legal Pakistani music?

Again, it’s something tough to do particularly in Pakistan. I hope we make our fans realize that we work hard on our music and they must pay to download the songs and content legally. We need to make them use of it and this is the first step in that. I hope rest of the websites, web-portals would also realize one day and stop pirating original music.

Thank you very much Goher for taking out time for this Interview.We  wish you all the very best!