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Bilal Khan is on a state of escalation to the top!

Bilal Khan is on a state of escalation to the top!

By Eman Zameer Rahman:

The startling music journey of Bilal Khan is the one we witnessed- from ‘bachana’ to Larho Muje in Coke Studio, Tooti Baraf in Levi’s Live. Now he took on a diverse vocation, directing his walk of life to acting. His debut along with the charming Mawra Hocane, Sania Saeed and Nadia Afgan, in the Drama ‘Sammi’. He is exploring artistic borderlines by stepping into acting career.

His covers from Coldplay, Yaar Na Milay and various others on Facebook always get a tremendous response, and why won’t it they are astounding. He has a flair for singing live, and Tooti Baraf is an ultimate beautiful song, which has that powerful emotional feels- feels of a fierce lover waiting, while the clock ticks on.

A kick of his stardom- Bachana. No wonder that song worked as a lucky charm.

To Kia Hua if we can’t stop singing every time this song hits our ears. As he writes his own songs, you can imagine the rest I am sure.

Illuminated a fiery nature in his lyrics of Larho Mujhey. This eccentrically intense song appeared in Coke Studio season 5.

Listen to Larho Mujhe

Lamha is that exceptional style of Bilal Khan, the sad slow music and heartbroken lyrics- If you have a broken heart too, join in the ‘tanha saza’, with Bilal Khan, by listening to it.

The amazing duo with Quratulain Baloch, Dekha Na Tha and Roshan Sitara. These both are hell of a musical coupling songbirds!

Listen to Dekha Na Tha

Taaray displaying his verve and flexibility as a singer. A super self-motivating song “Na umeed kisi se, Na gila kisi se. Sab ha saath mein. Muje durr nahi kisi cheez ka. Taaray saaray le au ga.”

Oh! And the romantic melody– ‘Mata-e-Jaan

Listen to Mata-e-Jaan

All his songs are so intoxicating! It’s good that he decided to come back, and came back with a whoosh, experimenting his creative sides.