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Bonanza | Satrangi releases new TVC!

Bonanza | Satrangi releases new TVC!

Bonanza released a TVC showcasing its collection for Eid 2017. The TVC features a classic song, covered by Hadiqa Kiani while Hasnain Lehri and Hania Amir model the clothes. It has been directed by Abdullah Haris, with hair & makeup by Hannan Siddique and styling by Wazhma Awan.

Bonanza|Satrangi describes its concept for the TVC as: “We wanted to stay true to our roots. The TVC is beautiful and puts a smile on your face which is exactly how we want our consumers to feel when they wear our brand. Simplicity has its own grandeur and we want our customers to experience that even before they put our clothes on. It depicts our vision for the brand through Abdullah Haris’s lens. We want people to know that you don’t always need to reach high in order to achieve things. Some things are right there within your grasp; they’re all around you, you just need to open your eyes and see the beauty.”

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