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‘Call the band’ has landed with a bang!

‘Call the band’ has landed with a bang!

By Eman Zameer Rahman: Call The Band has released a new music video of ‘Teri Haar Hum‘ from album ‘Dhoom’,  on 1st January, 2017. They have specifically made the song for their fans who supported them on stage, for 15 years. It is made by the compilation of the moments with their fans all over the years until now.

Now that’s a way of celebration!

Coming back after three whole years, with the release after they reunited a year ago- This music video is anticipated by all of us.


The voice of the band Junaid Khan, the bass and guitar is rocked by Sultan Raja, and the creative head behind the song lyrics is Xulfi. This bunch is from Lahore playing with the iconic genre of Rock for about 15 years since 1994.

Listen to Teri Haar Hum

‘Jilawatan and Dhoom’ are their complete albums released and made it huge. That’s when the neighboring country heard the resonating voice of Call and welcomed them over. Call went to rock with their music creating exceptional hits. Such as, who can forget their famous song ‘Laree Chotee’ in the neighbor’s movie? That sensational music made both the countries swoon and swoop with it. Moreover, their two more tracks were pictured in other Bollywood flicks – ‘Yeh Pal’ in Aasma, and ‘Dharkay Jiya’ in Aloo Chaat.


‘Call’ sang for the Pakistan’s T20 World Cup Official Song- Badal Do Zamana! It was an inspirational song to our cricket team and a huge success for them. The award winning tune ‘Ho Jaane Do’ acclaimed by BBC Asia proves them to be one remarkable band!

Now we are already excited for the new addition in their musical catalog. It got to be something that will create a BOOM!