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‘Chand Sitara’ to lift the spirits of the Vital Junoonis!

‘Chand Sitara’ to lift the spirits of the Vital Junoonis!

By Hina Anjum: Hello August, the month of #Pakistan!

The month of August began with Pakistan winning the nail-biting thriller against Sri Lanka. But people, that was only the beginning. Why not you just sit back and brace yourself, because better times are coming.


Dear Pakistanis all over the world, they are back! Yes, they are. Shoaib Mansoor, and the founding members of Junoon & Vital Signs are back to celebrate the forthcoming Pakistan’s Independence Day, with traditional zeal and fervor. The makers of ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ and ‘Jazba Junoon’ have collaborated to bring a huge surprise for all the #VitalJunoonis on 14th of August, 2015.

Salman Ahmed and Junaid Jamshed along with Shahi Hasan will be releasing the national song ‘Chand Sitara’. Shoaib Mansoor, the backbone of Vital Signs, has not only penned down the lyrics of this national song, but is also making a special music video to celebrate the occasion. It’s like a Vital Signs reunion.

Chand Sitara:-

Lyrics by Shoaib Mansoor

Vocals by Junaid Jamshed and Salman Ahmed

Music Produced by Shahi Hasan


This is only the second time Shoaib Mansoor has written a Tarana. The first Tarana he wrote, was ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ that gained the band great publicity and instant fame.

On releasing the official teaser of “Chand Sitara” on his official Facebook Page, Shahi Hasan remarked: “It’s a step towards unification of Pakistan, that’s why the members of Vital Signs and Junoon and Shoaib Mansoor have united. The story of “Chand Sitara” reflects the brighter days of yesterday, the struggles of today and the promises of a better tomorrow through unity and courage. We haven’t accomplished merely as much as a nation, but we have endured more than our fair share. Let’s change that. NOW is the time to rise above!”

“Chand Sitara is for the current generation of Vital Junoonis, and the next ones to come,” he further commented.


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Salman Ahmed, who is incredibly active on Twitter, was also found expressing his views. He proclaimed: “Oddest marriage in Pakistan showbiz just for #ChandSitara. We disagree on everything except friendship. Chand Sitara is the most ambitious and most difficult music video. It shall bring light in an era of darkness, and is definitely going to be bigger than Dil Dil Pakistan and Jazba Junoon. ‘In shaa’ Allah!”


As the ‘Pioneers of Pop Music’ are all set to introduce a new wave of music and a modern chapter in the history of Pakistan, there’s one thing I want to ask: Vital Junoonis, are you excited?

This 14th of August, set aside your differences and unite under the “Chand Sitara” of the National Flag, because the reunion of these pop superstars of the past will be creating an atmosphere that you would never want to miss. Stay tuned, this is going to be real big!

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