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Coke Studio Episode 2 Review: Fresh & Unpretentious Elegance

Coke Studio Episode 2 Review: Fresh & Unpretentious Elegance

By Isbah Khalid: Coke Studio started off in style and with passion with Episode 1 and this second installment of the season is as beautiful and magical as any of its predecessors. It has funk incorporated into classical, classical modified into narrative beauty and beautiful folk and rock n roll bonded together. Nothing gets better than this!

Coke Studio is diversity personified; we have our beautiful music and compositions that might have been deemed orthodox by some but with adrenaline being injected into them, they have taken their first breath and a newly born and evergreen song. Diversity is not limited to the voices; it encompasses the musical instruments as well. We have seen over the years a number of great and unusual instruments from all over Pakistan come together on this platform and diffuse magical beats. This is the beauty of Coke Studio and will always be its crowning glory.

Act 1: Rizwan & Muazzam Ali Khan- Salak Ban

This dynamic duo has all it takes to bring out the original beauty of any song. Those jugalbandi techniques that they have perfected and that classical touch to an old yet beautiful song is exactly what they have mastered their skills for. “Salak Ban” has been resurrected with some element of funk and the entire team has done an absolutely brilliant job. This song gets more life and colour after this rendition and will be on repeat the moment you start listening to it. Brilliantly done by Strings-No doubt about it!

Listen & Download #SalakBan by Rizwan & Muazzam Ali Khan


Act 2: Umair Jaswal & Quratulain Balouch-Sammi Meri Waar

Probably the riskiest number because two rock stars were going to sing it and the moment we hear Umair Jaswal sing that first line “jaane kyoon lagta hai yoon koyi hai mere ru-ba-ru” we are convinced it’s going to be massive and then he blasts off with all that rock vocal power and we are left glued. Add in that powerful voice of QB which just makes you sway along and takes you into a different world- boom! We have a winner! It’s massive, explosive and is just what the perfect punch of music is all about. Coke Studio outdoes itself with such numbers and this was a job well done! All hail the rock stars!

Listen & Download #SammiMeriWaar by Umair Jaswal & QB

sammi meri waar

Act 3: Suraiya Khanum & Anwar Maqsood- Chiryan Da Chamba

This oldie goldie song has always been in our minds and probably on our lips too often than we have realised or counted. Suraiya Khanum is gifted with a deep voice that oozes out just the perfect emotions. What was brilliant about this act was the narration by Anwar Maqsood. As if the song wasn’t emotional enough we were blessed with Anwar Maqsood’s brilliant narration that left us all in tears and fighting over a box of tissues. For this beautiful song you will need at least a dozen of them if you plan to listen it till the end. Beautiful, moving and powerful! Thank you Coke Studio!

Listen & Download #ChiryanDaChamba by SuraiyaKhanum & Anwar Maqsood

anwar maqsood

Act 4: Ali Zafar- Rockstar

A fun, upbeat song that has you on your feet in no time- now this is what I am talking about! Ali Zafar garbed in that flashy rock star outfit perfectly completes the visual touch and only when he starts singing are we forced to focus our attention on this song. It’s fun for sure but Ali Zafar has sung it brilliantly. Most people can’t imagine him doing a rock song- a pop song sure- but not a rock number like this- and as always he has surprised everyone. With all those high pitch notes being nailed he has bagged another win and we are dancing and singing along as the song progresses. This made our weekend!

Listen & Download #Rockstar by Ali Zafar

ali zafar