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Coke Studio Episode 3 Review- Rapturous Renditions

Coke Studio Episode 3 Review- Rapturous Renditions

By Isbah Khalid: The third episode is out and Coke Studio is definitely living up to its expectations. It’s been brilliantly organized and composed- each track has a different feel to it and we can see some beautiful folk music being brought back to life with a little fusion and the end result is definitely in front of us. The only thing needed is a playlist that has all these beautiful tracks so that one can sit back and let these beautiful numbers bathe the soul in their awesomeness. Here’s a review to get you started on your selection:

Act 1- Man Aamadeh Am- Gul Panrra & Atif Aslam

This beautiful, ever green song has just revived all the memories and has us on our feet and losing ourselves in the lyrics, music and the magic that this song creates. Gul Panrra is immaculate! She starts off the song of course with those beautiful fusion waves from the keyboard and bass and then Atif Aslam pours in his brilliant vocals, later matching Gul Panrra in the chorus “Man Aamadeh Am” that is just a brilliant display of vocals and music! We can see the singers enjoying and swaying as well because the song is seriously that beautiful! By the end we see Atif hitting those brilliant notes and taking the song a notch up and by this times the music composition has reached an all-time high even by Coke Studio’s standards- it’s impeccable! You will have to listen to the song to get what I mean.

Listen & Download ‘Man Aamadeh Am’

man aamadeh am

Act 2- Umran Langiyaan- Ali Sethi & Nabeel Shaukat

How do you make an already beautiful song more beautiful? Just hand it over to Coke Studio! To be honest I never wanted that opening guitar solo to end! There was an unprecedented display of talent throughout the song. This song which was originally written and composed by Asad Amanat Ali just received a dose of beautification that has pushed this song to new levels of greatness and thank you Strings for waving your wand once again to bring this piece together with two brilliant vocalists: Ali Sethi and Nabeel Shaukat. It just highlights how much talented these two are- brilliant song selection for both of them because they sang it so beautifully and effortlessly. Chan Chan Chanka is too catchy and by the time the song ends you find yourself repeating it to yourself over and over. Those dholki beats and that bass was just brilliant! How can Strings always manage to amalgamate the now and then is beyond me! A beautiful track no doubt!

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umran langiyaan

Act 3- Neun La Leya- Kaavish

Originally sung by Hamid Ali Bela has now been revived by Kaavish and it’s nothing short of brilliant! I would suggest you guys pay attention to the lyrics because that is what makes the song really hit you. The music is again impeccable and this time the lyrics, vocals and the music have forged a weapon that pierces through the soul and leaves you swaying. This is definitely a song for those lonely, laid back times when you want nothing more than to play a track over and over that extracts everything bad from your soul. A must listen! “Duniya chor akhir mar jana”

Listen & Download ‘Neun La Leya’


Act 4- Rung Jindri- Arif Lohar

We all remember “Jugni” he sang with Meesha Shafi but this time it’s a solo and it’s as brilliant as ever! He is definitely the king of folk and nobody does it better than him when it comes to such songs. The lyrics are as beautiful as the voice and music, the chorus has supported him brilliantly throughout. I think no Coke Studio session is complete without a little dose of Arif Lohar- he has been a brilliant asset for our music industry and although he needs not provide any proof because his work speaks for itself but still every now and then he does something extraordinary and we are left asking for more. Thank you Coke Studio and Arif Lohar for keeping things alive!

Listen & Download ‘Rung Jindri’

rung jindri