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Coke Studio Episode 4 – Phenomenal Classics with Profound Groove

Coke Studio Episode 4 – Phenomenal Classics with Profound Groove

By Isbah Khalid: The more installments we see from this season the more we are convinced that Pakistani music is undergoing a beautiful transformation and the more glued we find ourselves to these amazing songs. It’s just been four episodes so far and we are already left wondering what more can be done to make us the feel the same way again and I have a feeling that Coke Studio is one such platform that will never fail to deliver. Let’s take a closer look at this new episode

Act 1- Mulazim Hussain- Rabba Ho
What a way to start off the episode! “Rabba Ho” is produced by Strings of course and is downright scintillating! Mulazim Hussain is gifted- there’s no doubt about it- but the way he sang this one just let us know of his immense talent; a side that was maybe a bit hidden before. If Strings are really good at something its finding the right guy for the right song and this one is a perfect example of that. Contrary to the expectations that this song might be a bit dull it shatters all such notions the moment the song starts. It’s fun and catchy and will definitely stay in your head long after you are done listening. The rise and fall of music, every beat is amazingly delivered. A truly remarkable one!

Listen & Download ‘Rabba Ho’

Act 2- Siege- Khari Neem
This one has to be one of my favourites in terms of the killer music and the fun element. Those fiery violins combined with the killer guitar- Ah! Such a treat! And whatever fun element was left has been beautifully added in by Siege. They just took this song and made it their own in an amazingly satisfying way. The music is just beyond perfect! Powerful vocals, that clap chorus, the arrangement and the vivid music is what has set this song apart. It’s like all the musical talent has been brought together to showcase their best stuff and boy do they deliver! By the end of the song you are just impulsively on your feet and dancing. Siege just set the stage on fire and well done Strings! Quite different and quite fascinating! Lend this one an ear!

Listen & Download ‘Khari Neem’

Act 3- Ustad Hamid Ali Khan & Nafees Ahmed- Piya Dehkan Ko
Coke Studio has always been known for how intricately it weaves the then and now and nowhere has it been this obvious then in this song. The ingenious way this song has been brought together- both the vocals and the music included- is intense and dazzling. Ustad Hmaid Ali Khan will always be one level above all the praise we can send his way and I think mere words can’t describe his talent, as always he has been beyond brilliant! This wondrous song is a treat for all- whether a classical music lover or not- this song has something for everyone. Sittar playing is what has given this song life and added more colour- Nafees Ahmed has magic in his hands and the moment he touches those strings we are left in no doubt why he was accompanying Ustad Hamid Ali Khan here. Two legends in one song- what more can you ask for!

Listen & Download ‘Piya Dehkan Ko’

Act 4- Ali Zafar & Sara Haider- Ae Dil Kisi Ki Yaad Mein
Okay so guys you need to just read the names in the title of this song to know that this is not going to be less than something absolutely lustrous that is going to set the stage ablaze! “Ae Dil” which is a golden song from a golden era and was originally sung by Saleem Raza just went under Coke Studio’s metamorphosis and what we have is an unfathomable level of brilliance! Another masterpiece by Strings and was surely the highlight of this episode. Once again we see the fusion come into motion and make this already fantastic song into a profound specimen. Ali Zafar starts the song off with those fusion lyrics and then eases into the original ones. Ali Zafar has been exceptionally noticeable with his vocal display this season and this guy just keeps getting better. Now let’s move on to the part where Christina Aguilera starts singing- oh, I mean Sara Hiader- This girl was the reason I said Coke Studio has reached new level of awesomeness. What an astounding amount of talent this girl has! You are going to love every bit of her part; killer vocals with beautifully balanced delivery- it’s amazing that somebody can pull off something new this brilliantly- this girl is going places! This has to be probably the best female performance on the show so far. Applause for this amazing act!

Listen & Download ‘Ae Dil Kisi Ki Yaad Mein’

ali zafar and sara haider