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Coke Studio Episode 5 – Rejuvenating Classics, Revitalizing Souls

Coke Studio Episode 5 – Rejuvenating Classics, Revitalizing Souls

By Isbah Khalid: Buoyant, upbeat and lively- that’s Coke Studio for you this episode! There wasn’t even a single dull moment in the entire episode; from Ali Azmat till Mekaal Hassan Band, every entry has been vibrant and full of life and colours. Jubilant and lush performances have adorned the Red and Black room and yet again we are left awestruck! Coke Studio keeps getting better and it keeps getting our hopes up. If the Studio maintains its level of awesomeness, the revival wave will continue infecting more people. Here’s to rejuvenation!

Act 1- Rangeela- Ali Azmat

Ali Azmat has always been considered as a life- inducing rockstar who knows how to sprout a flower even when the conditions seem dim and the support is barren and “Rangeela” is his way of making us see exactly that. He has pumped that old Junoon days’ enthusiasm into this song and for a moment that song vibrates so much life and echoes so much love and intensity that it’s hard to believe that a production like this could have been created inside a red and black room. This is Ali Azmat’s art where he has splashed and splattered colours of life, love and music throughout the song and the end result is beyond beautiful! The music has been especially great this season and Strings can take a bow for doing an extraordinary job with this number. It’s vibrant, disseminating life and beauty that are the basis of our music! The background vocals have been notably extraordinary in this song as well and have served as a bolster at all the right moments. All those beats and vibes and killer notes have just mingled together perfectly to give birth to this beautiful song. Well done Coke Studio!

Listen & Download ‘Rangeela’


Act 2- Hina Ki Khushbu- Samra Khan & Asim Azhar

Another oldie goldie song goes through some Coke Studio Fusion Treatment and the end result? Well, it’s quite great actually! Samra Khan starts off the song beautifully followed by some brilliant sittar strings adding in the beauty and then we have Asim Azhar meeting the “now” touch with those beautiful words Kinna Sohna Tainu , this young lad has a beautiful texture in his voice that adds a pint of glitter in the song- just enough to lighten it up till we have Samara Khan take over again. Everybody seemed to enjoy the song and it was quite contagious. The brilliancy of Coke Stuido can’t be questioned! And this fusion version has been as scintillating as any number done so far on the show.

Listen & Download ‘Hina Ki Khushbu’


Act 3- Khalis Makhan- Bakhshi Brothers

Whats better than a single lad with a mic on stage? Its definitely a band of brothers who can totally slay any song and then set the stage on fire with their exuberant talent! The mattka, the keyboard and the guitar in place as our souls slowly descend from a slumber and wake up to find some beautiful lyrics rattling inside our cages- this is just the introductory part of this song! Let’s move on those thundering claps from the background support and that chorus and we are left spinning and swaying with every beat and coherently with the words. Bakhshi Brothers have just overhauled every other group act on this show and I am sure this song will be that one song we will come back to listen to over and over again because its basic and absolutely euphoric and with this performance Coke Studio has just ascended another step. Bravo!

Listen & Download ‘Khalis Makhan’


Act 4- Kinaray- Mekaal Hassan Band

Mekaal Hassan band outdid itself here! A slow start that smoothly moves into a classical display of vocals and music is just such a treat! This song was definitely a brilliant display of vocals and has once again established the fact that a good song is just lyrics and words until complimented by an equally brilliant voice. A brilliant production by Strings, “Kinaray” represents the often looked over side of our music but which is actually the very basis on which our musical industry stands now.  A short song as compared to other acts but equally beautiful and weighs equally with others. Lend this one an ear!

Listen & Download ‘Kinaray’