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Coke Studio Season 8 Ready To Be Launched

Coke Studio Season 8 Ready To Be Launched

By Isbah Khalid: For survival, evolution is necessary and when we talk about the music industry in Pakistan it has definitely gone through some serious evolutionary stuff. Just when we thought that the desert was finally dry and no water could be found to continue life out popped Coke Studio; saviour of the music industry and by far the best thing that ever happened to Pakistan’s music that helped lift up the dying breed of music that this country was once proud of. It has been one of those shows that you can’t wait for to start and don’t want to end. This brilliant assembly of talent has delivered much more than what was expected of it and has grasped a definite position in every Pakistani’s heart. We can go on and on about what this revival wave has done for our industry but for now let’s move on to some brilliant news; Coke Studio is all set to return for Season 8 and this show just keeps getting better!


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Earlier last week the production of the eight installment of this masterpiece was wrapped up and now with the news out it’s hard for everyone to wait. Let’s look at the lineup of the show. We will of course see some brilliant names making an appearance again, like Atif Aslam, Ali Azmat and Ali Zafar but like always there will be some talent making their debut. Our very own pop star Ali Haider is set to dazzle us all on that black and red themed stage and we can expect some truly great things from him definitely! He will sing a duet with another artist making her debut, Sara Raza and the song chosen for this union is the brilliant track “Jiya Kare”. We can hardly wait!

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Ali Haider had previously confirmed that he would be in fact making an appearance on the show this year but some of us who were expecting tracks like “Purani Jeans” and “Qarar” will have to wait for some other season because unfortunately that’s not in the lineup. After five years of waiting Ali Zafar will lend the Studio his soulful voice and this time it’s a duet along with an original composition. Accompanying him would be Sara Haider yet another background voice making it to the front. Well, we can definitely see duet is the “black” this season.

Living up to its motto, this season the Studio would welcome new and emerging talent. Asim Azhar and Sur Kshetra contestant Nabeel Shaukat Ali are also part of the show and I am sure something brilliant is cooking up.

Strings had the honour of being producers last season and after a mixed response from the audience the creators thought it best to bring back some old faces and so we will see a comeback of Ali Azmat, Umair Jaswal and Arif Lohar- definitely some magical potion is being brewed there! Ali Azmat will sing an original composition and of course another duet is in the lineup, this time it’s Umair Jaswal and Quratulain Balouch. Told you duet is the black this season!

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The show will also feature the brilliant Mekaal Hasan Band, Mai Dhai and Mulazim. Bassist Khalid Khan who had to step down this season because of a cervical pain will be replaced by Kamran ‘Mannu’ Zafar. Definitely great things coming around Eid this year, the show might air between Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha and we just-can’t-wait!