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Coke Studio Season 9 Episode 6; the finale draws closer!

Coke Studio Season 9 Episode 6; the finale draws closer!

By Shershah Ahmed: As the second last episode from the ninth season of Coke Studio, there is a bittersweet feeling to the proceedings. Yet another year, yet another season that is soon to be over and the year long wait begins. However we are not done yet, and the 6th episode from Coke Studio Season 9 brings with it many high points one has come to expect from a show of such caliber.



Momina Mustehsan has been having a blast recently, considering she is the only Coke Studio vocalist to have performed three tracks this season, which is made more interesting by the fact that it was with a trio of different music producers. She returns once again with Asim Azhar for ‘Tera Who Pyar’, easily described as a romance infused ballad of epic proportions. The song originally sung by Shuja Haider, is in an interesting twist of events produced by him now. His execution on this song, as with all his past Season 9 songs is perfect and Momina’s dulcet vocals mesh hypnotically with Azhar’s husky crooning making this a truly delightful track, making it one of the highpoints of this episode.



After a hiatus, Saieen Zahoor’s resurgence along with the every soulful Sanam Marvi is a cause for excitement. The rendition of ‘Lagi Bina’ in what is an ethereal blend of powerful vocal abilities that are showcased with full force, as well as an equally transfixing instrumental barrage, the track shows us yet again why Coke Studio is always raising the bar. Music direction by Jaffer Zaidi is creatively executed, with an interesting fusion between Sindhi and Punjabi, which apart from bringing us all closer together as a nation, leaves one awestruck thanks to Marvi’s superb vocals.



Up next, ‘Anokha Laadla’ is summed up in one word; nostalgia. It transports the listener back to the black and white era, and the effect is spellbinding especially when it comes to the vocals. The aura of nostalgia is emboldened by the dual vocal offering by Basit Ali and Damia Farooq, the likes of which never ceases to amaze. The overall musical tone and construction of the track may leave some listeners less than spellbound, but the vocals are definitely the saving grace of ‘Anokha Laadla’.



Bulleh Shah’s poetry is captured in essence in an epic manner by Sara Haider and Rizwan. Yet another track with Sufi roots, ‘Meri Meri’ is truly magical. The two singers complement each other perfectly, especially Sara Haider who creates a mesmerizing atmosphere with her attention grabbing vocal range. However, not content with merely being a Sufi song, the track blends country western along with it, and the fusion is done well enough to make you want to reach for the loop button on your music device. All in all, a stunning song very well executed.

With all but the last episode left from the ninth season of Coke Studio, the anticipation has never been higher, so stay tuned to Taazi for all your Coke Studio news!