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Coke Studio – The Journey!

Coke Studio – The Journey!

It was in 2008, that a phenomenon that would grip the entire nation and the international music community was launched by Rohail Hyaat, the musical maestro, and sponsored by Coke. As many of you may have guessed fittingly, I’m talking about Coke Studio. Every year, Coke Studio comes back with a bang and ensures that regardless of whatever class or segment of the society you belong to, you are bound to be glued to your television screens. From the caller tunes of drivers, to the wallpapers of fancy new phones held in the hands of the country’s elite, Coke Studio has amassed a colossal number of fans since its initial launch in 2008, and for good reasons!


The main focus of the program has not molded over the years, and it remains true to its core; producing a fusion of diverse musical genres in Pakistan. The finesse with which collaborations between folk singers and modern day rock stars have been merged together to form haunting melodies is applaudable. Never before has Pakistan seen a mixture of classical folk songs and hip – hop or seen Sufi music being complemented by rock and pop, if for nothing else then Rohail Hyaat and the entire production team behind deserves a pat on the back for pulling this off so seamlessly for a number of years!


Fortunately or unfortunately, times have changed and along with that the house band, and the producer of the show itself, Hyatt has given the reigns to Strings, the renowned Pakistani rock band. Strings, with members Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood are no strangers to the Pakistani music industry, they have been here since 1992, with a few years break in between. Not only has their music caused all the rage in Pakistan, but a couple of their songs were also selected to be featured in Bollywood productions in India. This new season is set to come back with a bang and reestablish Coke Studio as the house hold name that it was just a while ago!


 The 26th of August is perhaps the most anticipated for coke studio fans as we expect a press conference for the new session starting in September. We wish Coke Studio all the luck in the world, and hope that it continues to inspire and broaden the musical horizons like it has for soo many years! The season premiere will definitely be the deciding criteria by many viewers regarding whether Coke Studio will flourish without Hyatt heading it, or tank completely in his absence.