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CORNETTO POP ROCK 2 Comes to Islamabad!

CORNETTO POP ROCK 2 Comes to Islamabad!

After releasing three spectacular music videos and having the music scene abuzz, #CornettoPopRock2  came to Islamabad to rock the youth in a concert filled with mind-blowing performances by the amazing Zoe Vicajji and Pakistan’s King of Pop Ali Zafar. The concert was hosted by Pakistan’s favorite host, the dynamic Khalid Malik.

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The concert is part of the series of concerts specially held for university students by #CornettoPopRock2. The concert took place at the Rock Musicarium on April 21 ,2017.

This was the first concert in the series. The second and third concerts will be in Lahore and Karachi respectively.

#CornettoPopRock2 is the second season of #CornettoPopRock, a 360O music platform, which aims to revive the pop and rock culture among the youth of Pakistan by arranging music concerts in Pakistan’s biggest cities and releasing Music videos each season with the biggest pop and rock stars of the country.

Brand Manager Cornetto, Pareesa Naeem, shared her thoughts as: “We are ecstatic to bring #CornettoPopRock2. The popularity #CornettoPopRock gained was something we envisioned and achieving what we worked for and seeing our hard work being recognized has made us even more energetic! We saw the fire of pop and rock cultures rekindle and are fully determined to keep it burning!