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Dancing Flames caught in Action

Dancing Flames caught in Action

By Hina Anjum:

Her passion for music, and sensitivity towards Pakistan has been something that drives her to look beyond herself to do the best for her country.

The girl whose dancing flames aren’t going to settle down till she mesmerizes the world with enthusiasm of her warm voice. The one who is capable of seamlessly crossing the realm of music to emotional connection, once again, exceeded the expectations of the audience.


The aspiring, talented Natasha Humera Ejaz has proven that she has the nerve to think and try for something different. Drawing her listeners in with her rich and pleasant voice, she did the rest of the magic by developing an amazing atmosphere through the conviction of the delivery in her latest track ‘Raqeeb’.

Raqeeb is the first of four songs to be released in Natasha Ejaz’s new EP, titled “Till the End of Time”.

Vocals/Composition/Lyrics: Natasha Humera Ejaz

Production/Mix: Omran Shafique

Guitar/Uke/Backing Vocals: Ali Suhail

Drums: Ali Junejo

Bass: Khizar Jhumra

Trumpet: Mateo Lewis (@mateo-lewis)

Listen to the Audio track here=>  http://taazi.com/raqeeb-by-natasha-humera-ejaz 

natasha humera

After weeks of hard work and collaborative conversation with the band, Omran and an amazing trumpet player from the US, #Raqeeb came into existence.

“A product of love, labor and support from family, good friends and fine enemies.” said the girl with the unique vocal abilities.

Natasha a.k.a Tasha, previously, has proved herself as a dynamic actress by working in the theater. Tulin Khalid-Azim and Natasha Humera Ejaz made an attempt in the shape of ‘Insolent Knights’, before known as Insolent Night, and it just grew and grew and grew.

“Insolent Knights was made possible by a very dedicated group of performers, writers, musicians, poets, and dancers, some of whom have been a part of the family since the beginning.” The core team includes, other than Azim and Ejaz, Osman Khalid Butt, Wijdan Khaliq, and Atif Siddique.

The first Insolent Knights show took place on January 11, 2008. The group performed theatres at Civil Junction and the National College of Arts Rawalpindi before Kuch Khaas became their permanent home in 2010.

There, at Kuch Khaas, was this beautiful woman, Shayan Afzal Khan, and she was part of the light, in fact she glowed. Once Insolent Knights got to meet her and performed there at Kuch Khaas, they knew they had found a home. This beautiful woman was Shayan Afzal Khan, known to everyone with much affection as “Poppy”.

The crazy soul, who has been living with the belief that people need to express themselves, otherwise the pent up emotions build up and people very often come to the verge of losing it, sang her latest track ‘Raqeeb’ for this beautiful woman. Poppy’s death left a deep void inside her. A void in her heart and soul that she filled with her original blend of folk, jazz, and electro-pop.

‘Poppy, as always, this one’s for you.’

Tasha loves Rj’ng. Dear Fans, she had been an Rj on City FM 89 for two years, and even before that she worked as RJ for the radio station 99 at the age of 17.

While explaining her love for radio, in a childish manner, she said: “You know it has a strange kind of power because it’s just words. They don’t see what you are doing and they don’t know what you are doing. I love being on the radio. It’s fantastic.”

But all aside, the versatile talent gives music preference over all of her other ambitions. She explains that being a perfectionist by nature, she needs to concentrate solely on her music in order to deliver a product of her liking.

People, Natasha is back to Pakistan with a vision, and a mission. When asked if coming back to Pakistan has been a setback for her music in terms of the facilities available. She explains that Pakistani music is at par with its international competition despite setbacks to the Music Industry in the recent years.

natasha ejazMusic, dance and theater are professions that are still not in lime light because there is no education from the get go. She further expressed her opinion, saying that the tragedy about Pakistan is that we just keep on feeding the singer, actor and dancer in us and we don’t get proper training or platform to express that talent. I love to sing, but I want to help out musicians get out of their shells because we are forced into it. You know so many musicians and actors are wasted as accountants, doctors and engineers. It is so sad and I want to change that.

She defined her love for music and theatre as: “Theater is mistress, just as important to me as music. And yes, a marriage of the two is when I am happiest. Songs that I’m writing now are increasingly becoming more dramatic and performance oriented.”

Natasha Humera Ejaz, mainly known for her distinctive voice quality, has worked on many solo projects as well as on a number of collaborations, winning International Awards for her work. In the future, she is expected to do some work for the theater along with the music.

‪#‎Raqeeb is all set to hypnotize you with its greatness. Don’t forget to visit Taazi.com for more music off the EP, and for more exhibitions of brilliance from this rising talent.