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#Deosai takes Ali Zafar back to his roots!

#Deosai takes Ali Zafar back to his roots!

By Hina Anjum: There is nothing patriotic about restricting the immense talent that Pakistan has to a geographical location. The world must not be denied the chance to celebrate Pakistani talent, instead the world needs to see what the Pakistani are made of. The patriotism that took a Pakistani whiz to Bollywood in 2010, now brings him back home with a dream to take Pakistan film industry to an international level.ali zafar
Pakistani renowned singer and actor Ali Zafar, who in his recent film ‘Kill Dil’ gained very positive reviews from the critics, said that it’s his dream to make a Pakistani film and he will soon go back to his home country to start the project.

“I have done five films here and I feel I should use my experience there. I feel Pakistani film industry needs us,” he said.

The performing artist announced to disclose, earlier on Sunday, what he has been arranging in this way.

I will be announcing my dream project, my next feature film, tomorrow on my Birthday 🙂
— Ali Zafar (@AliZafarsays) May 17, 2015

LISTEN OUT PEOPLE, Pakistani superstar Ali Zafar, who repeatedly expressed his desire to produce a feature film, finally has announced his dream project on his birthday, May 18; his very first production: Deosai.

The versatile Ali will now make his dream come true with this film #Deosai which will be set in the northern areas of Pakistan and shot on real locations. Ali Zafar is in place for his role in reviving the Pakistani film industry and make films that are not only pioneering in their narrative and aesthetics, but also significant. Ali Zafar wants to show to the world what Pakistani films are all about through his dream project.

The direction of the film will be made by Imran Babur, who is one of the most respected names in Pakistan in visual storytelling. “I am very happy and I feel lucky to have found a great director and a talented and experienced team to translate a dream into reality.” Said Ali

He further went on to say that this year he is fully committed towards Pakistan which is why he declined film offers from Bollywood. Since this is his first film, he does not want any distractions and wants to devote his time wholly towards his Pakistani film.

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“It is a very special year for me. I just had a daughter, shifted to a new house and making a film in Pakistan in beautiful northern areas of the country. It’s a dream project. I have not rejected films here, I have just excused myself from them,” he said.

He said that he is thrilled to begin a new venture of making a film that can make a difference and will be remembered for a long time for their content besides aiming to be successful commercial ventures.

The superstar said, “It’s a film driven by women, with the central protagonist being a woman, as well as the second lead who is an international actress we cannot reveal at the moment.” However, the film is currently in on a world-wide hunt to cast the female lead.

Regarding the soundtrack of the movie Ali Zafar told that, “The movie will not have an item song, not because I am against it but because it is not that kind of a movie. It is a very meaningful film and I want the soundtrack to be very organic, one that complements the narrative of the film.”

The project, which is named after the Deosai Plains in the north of the country, seems to have had a large influence on the actor’s decision to film on location in the mountainous regions of Pakistan. “I love the mountains and can’t wait to visit and shoot in all those breathtaking locations in the north especially the second highest plateau in the world ‘Deosai’ known as the Land of the Giants, after which we have named the title.”

Ali cherishes mountains, and is energetic to start the film shoot at the most punctual. The film is expected to travel on the floors before the end of summer this year in 2015. In addition, this motion picture will be recorded for an overall theater discharge by mid-2016.

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Till the film is completed, one can enjoy the multifaceted singer/actor’s performance at the upcoming T20 Pakistan VS Zimbabwe match in Lahore. Ali has confirmed his appearance at the inaugural event, where he will be heard singing his recent single ‘Urainge’ among other super hits like ‘Channo’ and ‘Masti’.

One may also expect the actor in an upcoming Bollywood film opposite Huma Qureshi. Clarifying the rumors surrounding the news that he had signed on to a Bollywood road film opposite actor Huma Qureshi he replied, “I cannot comment on this right now as I’m currently in talks. But yes I have been offered this film and another.”

Ali Zafar is all set to impress the audience with his dream project. Make sure you go over to Taazi.com, to keep yourself updated with the latest news.