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Did you know this about the guitar legend Asad Ahmed?

Did you know this about the guitar legend Asad Ahmed?

By Syeda Yousra Khalid:

Asad Ahmed, who is an amazing guitar player and a songwriter worked with many famous bands including Awaz, Junoon, Vital Signs, Karavan & The Barbarians. Last Friday, EMI Pakistan released his first solo album #Rebirth which is still topping the charts since its release.

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According to him, the first guitar he ever played was his brother’s, who was also a guitarist.

Here is everything you need to know about Asad Ahmed!

First let’s have a look at his guitar collection

There was so much hype for his new album Rebirth that we couldn’t stop ourselves from asking him these following questions;

1)- How and why did you first pick up the guitar?

Asad Ahmed: I first picked up the guitar when i saw my brother play in his high school band. It was instant! Right there and then i knew what i wanted to do.

2)- Tell us about your first guitar?

Asad Ahmed: My first guitar was a beat up Hofner… but it served the purpose.

3)- Which is your favorite track from your debut solo album Rebirth and why?

Asad Ahmed: My favorite track is the title track because its the first one I composed with the mindset of letting go of the past and embracing the future. Hence the title Rebirth.

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4)- Any tips you can share with the young generation interested in playing guitars?

Asad Ahmd: Practice, practice and more practice! I bed to do it for 8 hours when I was learning to play.

5)- Share your Coke Studio experience with us.

Asad Ahmed: Coke Studio was an amazing experience but also one of learning how to play with Qawwals and traditional Folk Artists. They are the true rock stars of Pakistani music.

6)- Who are your top three musical influences and why is that?

Asad Ahmed: As a guitarist I would say David Gilmour because he is just so expressive with his playing almost lyrical. As a songwriter I would say The Beatles because they wrote the book on how to write a 3 minute song. As a performer I would say KISS because they redefined what a live presentation should be with the clever use of Pyro, Lights and elaborate sets.

7)- As you teamed up with many famous bands, which band did you enjoy the most working with?

Asad AhmedAwaz, Vital Signs, Karavan and Ali Zafar all presented different challenges… but to say one is better than the other would be in bad taste. I enjoyed playing with all of them.

8)- Tell us about your future plans?

Asad Ahmed: I plan on making 2 more videos for this album and intend to tour behind it. I also am a touring guitarist with Ali Zafar.

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9)- What do you do other than playing guitar?

Asad Ahmed: On my off days I like to kickback with friends and family because without them my life would be incomplete.

10)- If you weren’t a musician, what other profession would you pursue?

Asad Ahmed: I would teach… I believe that lack of education is the biggest problem in Pakistan.

From last 5 seasons, he has been playing guitar in Coke Studio. Let us wait for him to release two more music videos from his debut solo album Rebirth!