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Dolmen Mall commemorates mothers through spirit of togetherness!

Dolmen Mall commemorates mothers through spirit of togetherness!

Dolmen Mall, Pakistanā€™s first international standard mall, commemorated mothers through week-long festivities, from 8th to 14th May at all three of its locations. True to being a mall with a heart, Dolmen Mall offered shoppers extraordinary discounts and food deals to celebrate their most precious bond with their mothers.

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Dolmen malls preferred clientele of mothers donned as ā€˜Dolmen Momsā€™ received a number of value added giveaways, incentives and treats from their favorite local and international brands hosted in the mall with state of art facilities and services.

A magnanimous customer presence shared gratitude messages on a tribute tree, purchased special Mother’s Day gifts and cut a cake to celebrate their love for mothers.

Celebrities and socialites from Karachi chose to spend their weekend with their loved ones at Dolmen Mall Sindbad in Clifton and Tariq Road amidst mall activities, gifts and motherā€™s day sales. Sindbad launched new rides for mothers and children at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road and invited mom celebrities to be the first to enjoy MOMents with their family and friends.

Leading press and electronic media covered the celebration that stood apart in dƩcor and overall customer experience detailing. Prominent socialites, media persons, members of the press, FPCCI and Rotary Club of Karachi also received a tribute by the mall with a heart at Sindbad, Hakka Chine, Gloria Jeans, Fat Burger and Subway.

Ā ā€œMother is the most important person in anyoneā€™s life. We bring such events to life for our customers as we want to give families memorable moments at their favorite mall.

Dolmen Mall is for everyone and we take pride in paying tribute to the mothers who are an integral part of our legacy of convenienceā€ said Naureen Khan, General Manager Marketing, Dolmen Real Estate Management.

Dolmen Mall offers clean and well-equipped motherā€™s rooms on every floor, wheelchairs and wheelchair assistance for elderly people, dedicated women only parking, prayer areas for women, and cuddle carts for toddlers.