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Ek Villain gets the dose of Pakistani Music !

Ek Villain gets the dose of Pakistani Music !

BY AHMAD UZAIR |  Ek Villain is one of the most talked about Bollywood movie these days and that is majorly because of its music that making rounds every where. Apart from earlier releases from the film’s soundtrack, its the  inclusion of Pakistani voices that have given a new flavour to this upcoming flick slated for release in June.

Directed by Mohit Suri, Ek Villain follows up the magnanimous success of Aashiqui 2 which was also directed by Mohit himself. But having a track record of having high fondness of Pakistani music in the past, Mohit Suri once again ropes in Mustafa Zahid and SOCH band from Pakistan that makes the debut for the band in B-town.musti

Zaroorat by Mustafa Zahid was the 3rd track released from the movie. It is a soft ballad, something perfectly suited to Mustafa’s vocal range and his singing style. The track definitely has a catchy tune and is expected to surely get along with you once you hear it multiple times. Music pundits are already declaring it an instant hit, but we will still have to wait and see its impact as the time goes on.


Next up is SOCH band that makes their debut in Bollywood by the song named AWARI. The song was originally sung by the band at Nescafe Basement Season 1. It has been originally written and composed by the band members, Adnan and Rabi, themselves. But for the movie, the track has to be rearranged by music producer MITHOON with addition of some extra lyrics. Also featuring in the song is the voice of Momina Mustehsan that makes it altogether a new piece from what it was originally at Basement. Getting a Bollywood break so much earlier in their career is a big thing for SOCH but the old fans are constantly trying to match up the version with the original one and seem to feel disappointed saying that the original version had lot more soul to it. Nevertheless the newer version has its own charm specially keeping in view the impact it would have on SOCH which was earlier considered to be mostly an underground band.


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The movie stars Shraddha Kapoor and Sidharth Malhotra in the lead and the insiders claim that it is going to follow the success of earlier projects of Mohit Suri with a power full story line.Shraddha-Kapoor-Aashiqui-2

We hope that both the tracks are well received by the audience both locally and across the border and the Pakistani music continue to thrive in the international arena.