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Evil Spell – Starflight

Evil Spell – Starflight

By Shershah Ahmed: What can one say about about Starflight, which has not been said already? Followers of Taazi.com and Starflight itself should be no strangers to the history of the band, and the vintage pop with a modern twist powerhouse it encompasses. Originally located in Sydney and having relocated back to Pakistan by vocalist Jib Khan to focus on bringing a new flavour to his hometown music, the group has two albums under its belt. Starflight, with mastermind, frontman and lead vocalist Jib Khan at the helm, continues to make its mark on the world with its innovative and extremely catchy material. Their debut album ‘Adventure Beyond’ catapulted them into the music world and their second album ‘World Premiere’ kicks it up a notch. The first single from ‘World Premiere’, ‘Wicked Woods’ blew us all away, and Starflight is back to cast a spell on us with ‘Evil Spell’.

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With a video directed by Usman Mukhtar, you immediately feel as you’ve stepped in to a time machine back to the disco era. The wacky hairstyles, complimented by the wackier facial hair and even the colour tone of the video is true to the 70’s and 80’s. The video opens up with Jib himself, lounging on his bed, sporting the hairdo and moustache that is so typical of the disco era, pining over a poster of Farrah Fawcett. His adoration however is brought to an abrupt halt as we hear the voice of his mother nagging him about his lethargic way of life and calling his lifestyle choices into question. This is easily one of the most amusing ways to open up a music video I’ve seen, not that Jib appreciates it. Bidding his poster goodnight, he falls asleep and the real journey begins.

Viewers are catapulted straight into Jib’s dream where he’s all dressed up, sans mustache, in a disco club complete with smoke and lighting effects. What better to complete the image than all his band mates backing him up with their respective instruments in total 70’s garb? Jib’s got his work cut out for him however, since he’s serenading a beautiful woman and as the song progresses wesee that she is completely enthralled by him made evident by her joining him on stage as the song progresses. The spectacle is interspersed with shots of Jib’s head floating amongst a field of stars as he sings, which could be a trippy reference to the name Starflight itself, or maybe just a reference to how trippy the disco era was. The video ends with Jib waking up to the sound of his mother’s voice. The first twist is her telling him that his parole officer is there to see him, but the second and biggest twist turns out to be the parole officer is the same woman he was serenading in his dream which makes for quite the amusing ending.


The song itself harkens back to the disco and pop era, with a few other influences scattered in between. The bass guitar intro accentuated by the hi hat cymbalssets the perfect tone for the song and the song kicks off into the verse with the perfect blend of funky guitar playing and silky upbeat drums that seemed plucked straight from a Carlos Santana record, with plenty of symphonic undertones to give it that extra depth. Just before the chorus kicks in, the song takes it down a notch and goes into a half time measure and then explodes into the chorus. ‘She cast an evil spell, a spell on me’ croons Jib, with vocal melodies that are reminiscent of ABBA it is both the chorus and an analogy for just how catchy this song really is!star 1

Jib’s got plenty of other accolades under his belt, like having worked on projects such as Burka Avenger, contributing a few of his Starflight hits to the Emmy Award nominated television series. With more of Starflight’s material upcoming and his plans to incorporate the budding talent of Pakistan into his future projects, Jib Khan is a force to be reckoned with. Listen to, and support Starflight here on Taazi.com!