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Experience Variety of Music Genres with Rock Band ‘Shunk’!

Experience Variety of Music Genres with Rock Band ‘Shunk’!

Shunk‘ is a Progressive Rock/Fusion Band formed by 8 Musicians, each one from different backgrounds of Music genres which makes the Sound of Shunk diversify. There is a fusion of eastern poetry and instruments like Tablas & Harmonium with loud and distorted Guitars, Grooves of Funk on Bass and Hard Rock Beats on Drums.

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Name of the band was suggested by Ken Zeerick (Drums). Shunk is also pronounced as Shankh which Is Conch/Chank in English and Ghoong in Urdu. Shunk Symbolizes “the Sound Of Victory“. In the past it was used as a war trumpet.

Shunk‘s first single is “Chaap Tilak” which is released on. ‘Chaap Tillak” has already been done by so many artists before but this is not something you have heard before. The English Part in this song is a chorus taken from 80’s Famous Metal Band Judas Priest’s song, ‘Prisoner of your Eye.’ The audio is recorded, mixed & mastered by Imran khalil.

Band Members:

Vocals: Shaleem Vincent a.k.a Miki

Shaleem, a versatile multi-talented musician, very well-toned vocalist, and an excellent guitar player grew up listening to eastern classical music for most of his life. Shaleem has previously been a part of Akash the Band, one of the top Pakistani bands and has been doing sessions with different main stream artists as well.

Vocals & Guitars: Haider Halim

Haider Halim joined the pop-rock sensation Roxen in 2004 as the lead guitarist alongside the original lineup of Mustafa Zahid, Jawad a.k.a Jodi and Omar Farooq Halim. After the departure of both Jodi and Omar from the band, he was joined by Shahan Khan to share guitar duties in 2010.

After playing together for several years and wanting to explore a different side of music, Haider felt intrigued by the idea of joining the new Shunk project that Shahan had initiated with friends and fellow musicians. While remaining a member of Roxen, Haider is now also part of the vocal team in Shunk and will be heard on the band’s debut single ‘Chaap Tilak’

Vocals: Maryam Shahan Kiani

Chaap Tilak” is the debut track of Maryam Shahan Kiani. She has always believed that “Music is the voice of the soul.” Since her childhood she has been inspired by Eastern folk and classical music artists like Reshma Gee and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab. She is also fond of Alternative Rock, Classic Rock and Metal bands like System of a Down, Children of Bodom, Slipknot, Led Zeppelin etc. That is why she has a grungy vocal tone with a flavor of eastern folk and classical, which can be heard in “Chaap Tilak.”

After getting married to Shahan Khan, their mutual interest in music opened up the opportunity for her to be a part of the jam sessions at home. Her interaction with different musicians led to her learning a great deal. Moreover, Shahan became a source of motivation and encouragement for Maryam to take music seriously. The vocal melody of “Chaap Tilak” is composed by Shaleem Vincent with a little added surprise element by Haider Halim which you’ll get to hear when the song releases.

Tabla/Percussion: Akash Obaid

Akash Obaid is one of the most gifted musicians ever to showcase his talent in Pakistan. Akash’s childhood was spent listening, experiencing and being motivated by musical powerhouses such as Ustad Faryaad Hussain, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pandit Anindo Chatter, Hari Haran and Ustad Tari Khan.

Akash has played with several Ghazal and traditional specialists. He has also represented Pakistan in international music festivals in Europe. While he is featured primarily on the Tabla in Shunk’s debut song, “Chaap Tilak”, Akash is also quite skilled with keyboards and various other percussion instruments.

Drums: Ken Zeerick a.k.a Kenny

Kenny is best known for his energetic drumming which came to prominence when he began his musical journey with Kain (2004 to 2007), a hard rock/metal band which later became a huge name in the Lahore underground music scene. In 2006 he also joined the band Akash and continued playing with them until 2011.

Kenny has also toured both domestically and internationally with some of the most renowned mainstream Pakistani acts such as Roxen, Call, Jal, Noori, Symt, Overload, Club Caramel, Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam and Farhan Saeed.
Having established himself as one of the best drummers in Pakistan, Ken found Shunk to be another great opportunity to make music together with friends and musicians he’s met over the years in the industry. His drums can be heard in Shunk’s debut song “Chaap Tilak”.

Keyboards/Harmonium: Amir Ajmal

Amir Ajmal’s journey of music began in 1994. Influenced by both western and eastern music, his learning and drive for music has opened up his perspective to different types of genres. Amir is a multi-instrumentalist and is into music production with his studio called Black cherry studio.

Amir has been a part of this industry and has played sessions for artists like Bilal khan, Symt, Meesha Shafi, QB, Farhan Saeed, Josh. He has also been a part of projects like Walnut sessions, Project X-pyre and Kenny to name a few and has been part of Gospel music. He now joins them again along with others to be a part of Shunk on keyboards. You can hear his keyboards on “Chaap Tilak”.

Guitars: Shahan Khan

Shahan Khan started his career as a professional guitarist in 2006. He played several gigs for the first few years but it was in 2009 that Shahan got his big break when he performed at Aag alive with Amanat Ali, Nauman Javaid and Noori in Dubai. It was there that he met members of the band Roxen and was invited to play sessions with them. By mid-2010 he had become an official member of the band.

During his career he has played with several artists like Farhan saeed, Asrar Shah, Rizwan Anwar, Nabeel Shauqat Ali, Nauman Javaid, Amanat Ali, Khawar Jawad, Tauseef Dar, Falak Shabbir, Bilal Khan, Nauman Khalid, Ali Zafar (Masti Album Launch Show), Shafaqat Amanat Ali Fareeha Pervaiz, Noori, Rage, Dr aur Billa, Overload and has recorded several OSTs.

His inspirations range from classical composers like J. S Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Paganini to Modern/Classic guitarists like Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman, Michael Lee Firkin, Pete Lesperance and Al Di Meola etc. His love for fusion, rock, and neo classical, metal and progressive metal led Shahan Khan to start working on his solo venture called Project X-pyre. He has released various instrumentals including ‘Repulsive Contraction’, ‘Chaos Theory’, ‘Lamprophony’, ‘Love Story (rendition)’ and ‘Taurus (Releasing Soon)’.

In 2017, Shahan sought out friends and fellow musicians to start another music venture which later became Shunk. You can hear Shahan’s guitars on their debut track “Chaap Tilak”.

Bass: Aamir Aly

Aamir Aly initially started out as a guitar player back in 2003 but moved to bass soon after. He entered the professional realm in 2007. Focusing on Metal/Rock in his early days, Aamir became quite the versatile bass player when he transitioned into Funk music playing as well.

Aamir has had the opportunity of working with a number of mainstream artists as a session bass player like Noori, Call, Roxen, Bilal khan, Jal, Soch, Ali Sethi, and Farhan Saeed. He has also been featured with various artists like QB, Attahullah Esakhelvi, Saad Sultan and Rizwan Anwer.

His major inspirations are Victor Wooten, Henrik Linder, Aamir Zaki, Flea, Bill the Buddha Dickens, Steve Bailey, Red hot chilli pepper, Dirty Loops, Led Zepplin, Micheal Jackson and Junoon. Aamir Aly now brings his unique brand of bass to Shunk’s “Chaap Tilak”.

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