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Fahad Sheikh Proves His Mettle with Sajna

Fahad Sheikh Proves His Mettle with Sajna

By Isbah Khalid: Fahad Sheikh doesn’t seem to run out of steam at all! Just when you think this guy can’t get any more awesome he proves everybody wrong and makes something magical happen with a bang. This versatile, multitalented guy has been exploring new horizons ever since he stepped inside the media industry. Apparently this humourous, fun loving, outgoing host didn’t have enough pats on the back and accolades in the form of his fan following because obviously he had more to offer; you cannot cage the Lion King and expect him to be okay with where he is. Just versatility just molds itself around everything that comes. From hosting successful shows to launching his own clothing brand to singing- this guy has done his fans proud!

Listen to ‘Sajna’ by Fahad Sheikh


After successfully making his entry into the music industry with his single “Mahiyaa” there was no stopping this guy! This fashion icon had more up his sleeve than we could have possibly imagined. This time he is leaving us awestruck with his new single “Sajna” which is better than his previous installations, if that is even possible. The song is soothing to the ears with perfect lyrics and composition. His voice that has already melted countless hearts just adds that extra beauty to the song and at times you can actually feel the pain which just compliments the song so beautifully. It is a song for those slow nights when insomnia strikes and you want nothing more than a beautiful song to lull you to sleep. The pitch is perfect so are all the highs and lows.

Watch the exquisite music video of ‘Sajna’

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Fahad Sheikh is going places and there is no stopping this bullet for it is destined to hit the target: our hearts! This beautiful addition to his already hit numbers will make sure he cruises easily into the top notch artists of the industry. “Sajna” is a remarkable track by an amazing artist! A must listen for sure! Make sure you don’t miss this one; it’s sent to be launched on the first day of Eid- A perfect Eid gift for the fans! Stay tuned to Taazi.com