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Feast your eyes with this sensational news!

Feast your eyes with this sensational news!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: Not a typical commercial musician and doing his own instead jumping on the bandwagon, we simply love this chap and not to ignore his peculiar hair. :p

When Taher Shah tweeted’ Valentine’s Day Gift Of Honor Coming Soon For Worldwide Angelic Fans , we knew this guy is soon coming up with a sensational news that we might not be able to handle again.

Watch Angel By  Taher Shah

And so just when the Valentines is being celebrated around the globe, just when love is in the air, just when too much lovey dovey and stuffed teddy’s were in the ‘surprise- exchange’, just then Mr. Tahir Shah announced his achievement, an award he has received , for the music  video ‘Angel’ at the Apex Short Film and Music Video Festival  at Tucson, Arizona.

Not to mention the news he revealed in 2015.

Taher Shah, a guy with a unique sense of style and persona that he brings about, gave us goose bumps when he announced about his upcoming Hollywood movie “ Eye to Eye”. Now who hasn’t watched the music video of the same name he released in 2013 which also was an internet sensation and topped the twitter and hashtag trends in Pakistan, India and US.

Watch Eye To Eye

No one would differ to agree from the fact that this guy is a pure entertainer and actually believes in “do your own thing” and minds his own business that we all need to learn.

Well, we certainly can’t wait for his Hollywood movie to release! 😀