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Fuzon’s Ik Ranjha reviving the classics!

Fuzon’s Ik Ranjha reviving the classics!

By Sara Ehsan: For all you Fuzon fans out there, we’ve got great news! In case you were wondering where the amazing trio had disappeared off to, we are here to announce that the wait is indeed over.fuzon

Recently, the band has come up with their new album titled, “Ik Ranjha”, which shows a great deal of promise. The album comprising of 7 songs, each as beautiful and intense as the next. One thing we can assure you is that ‘Ik Ranjha’ will not disappoint Fuzon fans.

Listen & Download ‘Ik Ranjha’ by Fuzon

“Ik Ranja” can also be seen as a tribute to classical music – a genre that has ruled over the hearts of millions since its inception. Using classical music as their main genre, the band has successfully combined elements from both rock and Sufi music, to create a blend of heavenly sound.

One of the songs is “Lai Bey Qadran Naal”. Sung beautifully, it serves as a guidance for the listener, against giving their heart away to an insincere lover, warning them to stay away from selfish individuals, since this kind of love does not last forever.






Another song “Ik Ranjha” (a beautiful composition taken from the works of Baba Bulleh Shah) is marvellously sung with a mysterious, Sufi touch. It is a narration of an individual’s suffering throughout his life, since everyone, including his one true love leaves him.


Fuzon, a Pakistani Sufi-rock band formed in 2001, has a very distinctive sound, since they combine elements from Sufi, classical and rock genres in their soundtracks. When Shafqat Amanat Ali left the band to pursue a solo music career, it seemed that the glory days for Fuzon were over. But even though Fuzon lost a critical member, they were still able to maintain their quality of music and hence their fan base was not badly affected, for a while. And then, the band stopped producing new music.

Until “Ik Ranjha”, that is. This album is an important milestone for Fuzon as well as the Pakistani music industry. We wish Fuzon all the best for their future endeavours and hope this new album will bring back their days of glory and fame.