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Goher Mumtaz Flying High

Goher Mumtaz Flying High

By Isbah Khalid: There was a time when we used to get excited about a new national song because we were sure that this new one would be like the ones before it and would stay in our hearts long after the day was gone and we would sing it over and over in the coming years on every patriotic day and occasion but alas those days are long gone until Goher Mumtaz decided to take charge and make one such brilliant song. In his own words, “I remember how I used to hear all these songs during my childhood by various singers and used to have this urge to join the air force but sadly no one is making such songs anymore.” Well, we totally agree with you boy!

Listen & Download ‘Ooncha’ by Jal


This Defence Day, on the 50th anniversary Goher Mumtaz took the reins in his own hands to make sure we had a song that not only paid tribute to our heroes but also left a lasting impression and had the impact our national songs should have and Voila, We have Ooncha! The singer has also installed his rendition of Alamgir’s Tum Hi Se Ae Mujahido which is still a classic! Jal’s previous patriotic songs failed to leave a mark but this time Goher Mumtaz has made sure he comes in prepared and with a song that is set to become a classic later on. For him, it looks like sky is not the limit, it’s definitely beyond that!






The video made in collaboration with the Pakistan Air Force takes us through a passionate soldier’s journey; from his cadet life to his transformation into a fighter pilot we get to see and experience all. The fun bits, the punishments that follow, the training sessions and best of them all- the stunts! It’s a brilliantly composed song latched on by an equally amazing video that just soars your spirit and pumps more green in your veins. The eagles flying high in the sky conquering not only the turbulence but also our land’s enemies- this is what Defence Day is all about.

Watch the Music video of ‘Ooncha’


Goher Mumtaz deserves a salute for bringing back the anthem-ly touch to a national song and he has been successful in reviving that genre. Looking like a graceful pilot officer dressed in his gear and heading towards the runway, Goher Mumtaz presents a wonderful sight! Add in those mighty jets that are yet to be defeated and we have a thrilling visual treat! One of the best national songs created in this modern era and we are proud we have a talented musician like Goher to steer us through to this point. A must watch!