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‘GOT Cover’ by a Brilliant Quartet: Khumariyaan!

‘GOT Cover’ by a Brilliant Quartet: Khumariyaan!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: Every person has a different perception when it comes to music. Many people think that music is all about good vocals, while few find joy seeing the artists who just perform with the instruments.  Talking about these talented artists, we are pretty aware of the fact that how pleasing it is to see them managing to impress their audience, just by the beats and no vocals. And yes, we can also see them continue this legacy for years!


Among these few people are the Pashtun men of Khumariyaan, who undoubtedly won the hearts worldwide with an exuberant music. They’ve covered the soundtrack of HBO’s most popular TV series ‘Game of thrones’, which was already considered to be everyone’s favorite. It’s an accepted fact that when you give an ear to its original soundtrack which was originally composed by Ramin Djawadi – a musical genius, it makes you enter the world of Game of Thrones.


This instrumentalized title theme gives you a sense of travelling; likewise the video of the ‘GOT Cover’ by Khumariyaan makes you fly back to the locations of game of thrones. No wonder it has proved to be a handy umbrella, evenly covering the talent of four skillful gentlemen – Farhan Ali Bogra (rubab virtuoso) Aamer Shafiq (rhythm guitarist), Shiraz Khan (lead percussionist) and Sparlay Rawail (the lead guitarist).


Khumariyaan has always done an extraordinary job in promoting the Pashtun culture, and is the best traditional music band of Pakistan. They always gave their best when it’s about making the listeners interpret, through the instruments. Because of their unique talent, they’ve received international acclaim as well.

Now we must admit that music with vocals has its own charm, but instrumental music surely has its own worth. So just hold on to what’s cooking at Khumariyaan’s end, who always seemed to be passionate about exploring through new melodies rather than gathering audience who wait for what vocalists have to say.






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