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Guess which star is heading back to the neighbor’s industry?

Guess which star is heading back to the neighbor’s industry?

By Eman Zameer Rahman:

Well, Atif Aslam is!

He is going ‘Musafir’ again visiting the neighbor country to continue his left-off venture of his exceptional singing métier. He has bonded back with Arjit Singh for a song ‘Musafir’ in the upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Sweety Desai Weds NRI’.

Listen to Atif Aslam

In The Times of India the music director of the song, Palash Mucchal quoted:

“Arijit and Atif have done a fabulous job of the song. Palak, as usual, sounds phenomenal and has even written the song for me…”

It seems the Indian entertainment industry miss our stars gracing their screens- All that recent news about admiration of our Superstar Fawad Khan by Karan Johar and Shakun Batra the director of ‘Kapoor & Sons’ is the authenticity of that statement.

Well well well, who won’t miss Fawad, he has such a magnificent aura and is a complete gentleman or shall I say a lady killer!

Mahira– Our shimmering star flaunting in ‘Raees’ alongside King Khan marked herself a successful milestone forte in acting.

No doubt she has left the screens of Bollywood nostalgic. It seems like it won’t be long that she will be back on her vacations there.

After the strain between the two countries, and when all our stars working across border packed their things and headed back home, who thought that after all this they still be willing to work over there, but why not? Entertainment industries are like business industries they don’t have borders, and believe in working globally for their own benefit. Plus they are spreading peace and making a way through people’s hearts there, in these circumstances is a huge achievement in itself.

The latest outrage on Saba Qamar’s comments on Bollywood actors was superfluous.

Looking at the bright side this way our star is getting fame in that country for her upcoming film, so no harm done.

Kudos to these daring stars for being at a place where they are opposed so much. That courage and all that passion is phenomenal. Atif Aslam has always represented Pakistan no matter where he goes and whatever he does, making us proud.