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Happy Birthday To The Musical Maestro Goher Mumtaz!

Happy Birthday To The Musical Maestro Goher Mumtaz!

By Hina Anjum: Hello #Jalholics, guess whose big day it is today? Yes, Goher Mumtaz’s – the front man of Jal, the multi-talented composer, guitarist, lyricist, vocalist and actor! Happy Birthday to the man without whom music lovers wouldn’t have been able to witness top notch music.goher

Born under the Zodiac Sign Leo, this artist came a long way since he formed the band in 2002 with Atif Aslam as the lead vocalist. After Atif separated his ways from Jal, Farhan Saeed appeared on the scene and became the voice for the band. But in 2011, he too left Jal to pursue a solo career. Still, despite all this, the band’s front-man Goher Mumtaz has made sure that the band continues its legacy.




With Saad Sultan, who has now joined Jal The Band, as lead guitarist, Goher Mumtaz on lead vocals, Amir Azhar as bass guitarist and Ken Zerick on drums, this band is expected to produce beautiful compositions that will eventually take the music fans by storm.

Jal The Band, the smash hit group that made waves everywhere with their single ‘Tere Baajon’, is planning to unveil their new single ‘Bhanwray’ in September. Fans, be ready, because you will be amazed when you hear this track.
While expressing his group’s excitement regarding their upcoming track, Goher said: “I think our fans and music lovers will appreciate this tune as the melody is very catchy. We received great feedback after the release of ‘Tere Baajon’, and we thought we should carry on the momentum and release a new song with a strong melody, accompanied by a good quality video.”

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The band believes that music is truly the world’s universal language capable of bringing the hearts and souls together. Powered by the desire to freshen up the pop/rock genre in Pakistan, right now, the new line up is all geared up for ‘Bhanwray’. And we believe that our birthday boy won’t disappoint us, and his band will win the heart of their fans once again.

Dear Fans, keep visiting Taazi.com to catch the latest tunes! And don’t forget to wish Goher Mumtaz on his big day! Team Taazi wishes him all the best for Jal and his future endeavors.