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Here Comes the Burka Avenger!

Here Comes the Burka Avenger!

By Hina Anjum: Yet again, Burka Avenger has defeated the powers of tyranny and oppression. Halwapur is now protected, but for how long?

With this, the Season 2 came to an end. And all those who experienced the end of Season 2, had been wondering since then that what’s the worst that could happen to Halwapur?

Well, the worst is yet to come!

burka avenger season 3 profile

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Burka Avenger Fans, Baba Bandook has returned and this time he’s come up with a great evil plan to destroy Halwapur once and for all. His thirsts for power and wealth isn’t going to die anytime soon!

Burka Avenger, the creation of Pakistani pop music star, Haroon, is produced under the banner of Unicorn Black productions.

“Without being preachy, it addresses pressing social issues, cloaking them in adventure and comedy,” says Haroon, while talking about Burka Avenger Animated Series.

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Teacher by day, and avenger by night, Jiya shall take on the evil Baba Bandook and corrupt politician Vadero Pajero, once again. A female cartoon superhero who dons a burka to tackle crimes and other social ills is back with another season that is set to hit the television screens on the 22nd of June 2015, nationwide on Nickelodeon Pakistan!

Adults, alike kids, in Pakistan are delighted to know that the Lady in Black is back.

As the Burka Avenger, she uses the Burka as a disguise to conceal her true identity like super heroes do. No one knows the truth except for her father, Kabadi Jaan. But who knows, this season she might be revealing the truth to all. To find out, don’t miss out on the first episode of Season 3. The Int’l Emmy nominated and multi-award winning TV show ‘Burka Avenger’ Season 3 will air daily from June 22nd at 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm on Nickelodeon Pakistan.

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Good always triumphs over evil in the end. So, we all hope that Burka Avenger get out of this one alive. But Burka Avenger Fans, how do you feel about Baba Bandook and his evil plans? And how do you hope the rest of Season 3 unfolds?
BABurka Avenger Season 3 hosts a number of exciting new characters as Baba Bandook comes up with more dastardly schemes to defeat Burka Avenger once and for all. Some of the exciting characters to watch out for include the giant PajeroBot, the powerful and evil Chaand-Rhain Do, the charming Rhanjhahood and the over-the-top TV Host Maizbaan Khan amongst many others. May the evil plans of Burqa Avenger’s enemies be turned against them. Let the Season 3 begin!

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If you fight for truth with passion, then even largest weapons are no match for that. So, don’t mess with the Lady in Black. See you next time, and till then, remember, ‘Inner Peace’.

Major awards and accolades won by the show include the following:

– Peabody Award Winner  Link

– Int’l Emmy Nomination  Link

– International Gender Equity Prize at Prix Jeunesse, Munich Link

– Asian Media Awards: Best TV Show  Link

– Canada International Film Festival: Rising Star Award Link

– Award of Merit – Accolades Global Film Competition Link

– Best Animation (Int’l) – LUMS Int’l Film Festival

– Time Magazine: “One of the most Influential Fictional Characters of 2013” Link