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Here’s a beautiful message by Ali Zafar to Mahira Khan!

Here’s a beautiful message by Ali Zafar to Mahira Khan!

‘Recently Pakistani actress Mahira Khan who started her film career with “BOL film by shoaib Mansoor  and later did “Humsafar” TV serial along with Fawad Khan which is now world wide recognized caught smoking with Indian actor Ranbir Kapoor in Newyork by some paparazzi journalists and Pakistani declared her non Muslim and bashed her on social media.
She received a huge amount of hateful comments and internet bullying regarding her pictures, as these pictures were trending on the all social media networks.
Here are the picture.

We have no idea why these two starts were together is there any secret project going on or they are just hanging out as friends?
But we surely believe that Mahira or every other artist have total freedom to spend their personal life according to their own choices.
Since Mahira Khan was the talk of the internet celebrities jumped in as well and supported actress in this hard time.
Singer/Actor and a wonderful human Ali Zafar also penned down something about Mahira and published it on its Instagram, here is link what he posted for Mahira Khan.


This is indeed a beautiful message by Ali Zafar to the fellow actor, lets support our artists and respect their personal space.